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  • robert barrett

Anonymous, 25 Sep 2008I've been lucky enough to get my hands on a prototype of one of ... moreI notice it says nothing about a video player as I want to go to Deafmissions.com and watch their daily devotions done in American Sign Language videos. Will I be able to do this and also I do not have 3G where I live. How slow would getting a web page loaded be about? I notice it does have 2G, GSM and edge but will that be too slow. Worth for me to get one? I am a TMobile customer and the service is very friendly. Thanks.

  • robert barrett

drew, 26 Sep 2008its funny how people want to down play everything just bacause i... moreI notice it did not say anything about being able to play MPE4 movied other than Youtube. Anyone know about that. I also do not have 3G where I live and wonder how slow will the G1 be without it? Just wondering if its worth buying if I do not have 3G. I am also a t-mobile customer.

  • Anonymous

Bah, i can't understand why a touch phone needs a Keyboard. I will wait till some other company makes an Android phone. Gogo Moto !!!

  • Anonymous

hello . why there is no video recording ? this is essential in the world today .
the design of 5 physical keys is not beautiful.
thanks for good price ( almost 179 $ )

  • Revenant

A Realist, 27 Sep 2008Y is that everyone phone with a touchscreen is compared to the i... moreUmm, the reason so many people are complaining about Apple? Because they seem to be leaving to 3rd party or even amateur developers to fill in the holes that the left outta the iPhone. And why is it that every other manufacturer can do have these features ready for launch but Apple can't?

And yeah, How many of the naysayers have done anything to rectify the situation? Not many, but neither have they claimed to be leading electronics manufacturers. It's not our job to finish apple's phone for them...

  • A Realist

A Realist, 27 Sep 2008Y is that everyone phone with a touchscreen is compared to the i... moreexcuse the typos

  • A Realist

Y is that everyone phone with a touchscreen is compared to the icrap... apple didnt invent the touchscreen they just improved on it... but for all the people complaining about what the phone does not do... how bout u do something to make it better!!! the phone is a great device with endless possibilities since it is open source... meaning anyone can create and develope good working programs for it... which in turn means all the stuff u people r whining about will ultimately be addressed soon... so stop ur whinging and complainging until u actually use the phone and see whta it does... my mom always told me everything that look good aint good for u so stop buying cellphones cause they look good and buy something that does what it needs to do and works... smh u "adults" kill me always whining

  • John

Is the Google browser stupid as the apple safari?

  • hobo

fa-q, 26 Sep 2008all cell phones camera suck anyways you can never compare it to ... moretochhnology my friend...technology

  • that dude

eric, 27 Sep 2008no headphone jack!u don't need a headphone jack .... that's what tha usb 4....

  • Anonymous

I think this phone is intersting if it come in the price mentioned of one of the comments (179$) but i must admit it is very ugly especially the tilted lower part

  • Savor

Once Android reaches CDMA, it is all over for Apple...esp in the USA where it is selling the best. If Android gets to Verizon first and then AT&T, Apple is in trouble. Just like when the RAZR sold like crazy. It got cheap and it was sold in every carrier.

  • eric

no headphone jack!

  • mrmerk05

I work for T-Mobile and when this phone releases, it is going to be one of the sickest phones to ever hit the market. The iPhone is good. But on Oct. 22 people are going to b saying "i-What."

  • Owais

i played with the G1, its slow, boring, no extra apps can be downloaded, the internet is poor. I have also the iphone 2G, unlocked jailbroken with Apps, still the sickest fone out there, How many iphone 3G ppl can say theres was better than their 2G APPS wise!

  • that dude

at the end of tha day u buy a phone that will work for u....so if tha phone don't work for u then find 1 that dose.....damn stop hatein.... cuz u paid 600-800 for a phone and now there 1 that dose a lot for only 179.00 now tell me what phone out is better at that price....

  • that dude

i think ur getting a lot for ur money that's y im getting a brown 1 right now i have a blackberry curve8320... and i have t-mobile so the hole 2yr thing don't matter to me and if its not a good phone ill just sale it... and go bacc to my blackberry....and the phone not that much bigger than a iphone or the wing... so just get ovr it


i thing the htc is the best mark in mobile phone. i need this phone becouse is very nice and has gps what is importent in our time. :)

  • drew

its funny how people want to down play everything just bacause it doesnt meet their standards all of u probably have not used the phone yet but still talk trash(worthless losers)and next why compare it to these other models tmobile has neva tried to get phones to compete their provide quality phones at a mid range level not everyone wants to spend $800 on a phone DONT DOWN PLAY SOMONE ELSE'S IDEA CAUSE I DONT SEE YOU COMING UP WITH ANY BRIGHT ONES

  • Anonymous

Toorop, 26 Sep 2008why do more than the iPhone. first let's see what complaints wil... moreThe Nokia 5800 is the salvation??? Right... You want a cool touchscreen phone, why not check the Xperia, the Omnia out... oh, yes, and also the iphone killer... the Touch HD...the 5800 is no match for those devices!