T-Mobile G1

T-Mobile G1

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  • Anonymous

Very good Android OS, but the phone is missing important features!

  • Anonymous

no A2DP means No Android for me.

  • pagano

i like so very much. & i no speeck in english

  • U3

headset support only

  • edcolombia

It was supoes to be free?? that was the idea whem google announced 2 years ago??? they said that the sponsors will pay the cost of this phone.

  • Anonymous

looks to be a promising phone, manly for it's default instillation of android, it will release in Europe, maybe a few weeks after US, I am not sure. contract price will be sub $200 or $400 with out contract, either way, this will be a great phone for the price, much better the the iphone.

  • Anonymous

Zé, 28 Sep 2008Not as great?? ahahaha hey, iphone sucks, try too listen to... moreActually you can... It's just the apps from the app store that don't multitask (which given most of them are useless, it's not much of a problem)

  • Anonymous

as I know this OS is LINUX based... is it possible to install windows mobile 6 on this phone???

  • phil

No video/video record??

  • Anonymous

ill w8 for the next generation lol (if it comes). it has some nice specs but then lacks some really basic ones. come to think of it, iphone lacks lots of basic specs its probably just down to the marketing. anyway wen they make this itll b better than the iphone at least according to specs listed but apple fanboys cr8 an unbelievable hype over sometin thats just ok making ppl think iphone is much better than it truely is.

  • nick

nick, 28 Sep 2008"65k colours" is not a resolution. the resolution is WVG... moreoops i mean HVGA. i thought i was on the htc touch HD room

  • nick

"65k colours" is not a resolution.

the resolution is WVGA and that will always have a higher priority than how many variations of particular colours it can display

  • BrunoMM

I really think tha's a nice phone, it may be not beatifull but its oK, and it very functionall and i had a lot of expectatives on it, i think if we wait, we will discover a wonderfull phone

  • John Rambo

my only complaints is the 65k resolution, the huge buttons at the bottom, no flash, video conference and the design is bad. HTC have great ideas but never seem to put enough effort in the phone.

mth785, 28 Sep 2008The Apple fanboy in me says that this phone might be okay b... moreNot as great?? ahahaha hey, iphone sucks, try too listen to music while you text a message ahahah upsss :S you can't ahahah no multitasking...what the hell!! ahahah

  • Anonymous

Is it only coming to the US? I live in Finland and wondering if its coming here.

  • Semog

you can say that is ugly or that has no apps but the truth is that you dont need a looking phone, you need a functionall phone
you say that Android OS has no apps but the truth is google make this OS opensurce and give $10000 to the best app for android so tahn 1/2 months are so many apps to this OS.
the price, the apps, and the opensuorce kick ass to Windows mobile, apple, this is a smartphone that you build for your needs

  • Anonymous

that dude, 27 Sep 2008at the end of tha day u buy a phone that will work for u...... moreso what exactly does it do? I mean most phones these days cost under 300 with two year contract thanks to apple. 200 dollar phones have gps, mp3 player wifi internet 3g. I can tell u what this phone doesn't have. Like video recording, a2dp. Flash decent camera, second camera for video conference and hd. Plus the res on this phone is 65k.

  • Anonymous

your the loser dumb ass just because you never carried any cool gadgets doesn't mean we can't have r judgement. Its ugly thats the bottom line their is no cover up for it htc has made so many cool looking phones these days from the diamod to the x1 why can't they have a better design for this phone

  • mth785

The Apple fanboy in me says that this phone might be okay but nowhere near as great as the iPhone.
The geek in me bows down to our Google overlords and promises to buy this phone.
Epic battle ensues.