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T-Mobile G1

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  • nate

179 dollars in Tmobile america

  • Anonymous

Read how works search on G1's Android:

  • Iphone owner

I have Had both Iphones and they both sucked I have been waiting for something like the G1 to come out so I could get rid of this apple trash I'm telling you ppl the iphone is overrated G1 all the way

  • 2gbhosting.com

Yes in $179 where???

  • john

Anonymous, 01 Oct 2008$179 whereT-mobile 2 yr contract...in U.S makes the fone 179. but u also need to subscribe to the 3G data plan wich is 25 - 35 dollars additional to your current cellphone bill.

  • Savor

Despite media reports to the contrary, this isn’t an iPhone-Android fight. Comparing iPhone to Android is comparing apples and orchards — at present, iPhone is a solitary device available on a restricted set of carriers, while Android will be used on all sorts of devices (phones and otherwise) and available on any carrier that wants it. If you want to compare iPhone to the T-Mobile G1, that’s a fair comparison, device to device, even if in some markets (e.g., US) they’re only sort-of competing due to disparate supported carriers.

In my humble opinion, Android is less about open source or open communities or open markets or open systems, than it is about open opportunity. We need Android to succeed to ensure that open source, open markets, et. al. are a viable, not-too-crazy choice for people in the marketplace. This does not mean that “iPhone must die” or anything of the sort, which is why I get nervous when people use violent imagery to depict the iPhone-Android relationship. If we really believe in what Android brings to the table, while we say we want Android to succeed, I hope it is more that we want the principles of openness embodied in Android to succeed. Android will bring those principles to the market, and if other platforms adopt those principles, we all win, above and beyond Android’s own success.


  • that dude

the only thing tha iphone has goin 4 it... is that it looks nice and has a good music player that tha iphone is not a smart phone is a music phone that it the keyboard sux...i hav a blackberry and i will go with that over tha iphone neday and i will be gettin tha g1 aswell the.... when tha iphone came out it did not hav aim nor did it hav video kno flash for the camera kno zoom and how much did the want 4 it 500-600 that damn phone the iphone is really nice lookin phone that bout and it... the iphone just dont work for me thats y i dont hav 1... if this phone dont work 4 u dont it....

  • nate

this is a tmobile phone release in USA it will be around 179 or around that price it should come this month

  • Anonymous

when will this be unlocked? i would definitely get it

  • Anonymous

LifestyleINHD, 01 Oct 2008Its Pretty Simple, Especially The Price @ $179, You Check This P... more$179 where

  • JoE

The OS is very good but the phone looks very ugly.

They should put the new OS into the HTC Touch HD.

  • LifestyleINHD

Its Pretty Simple, Especially The Price @ $179, You Check This Phone Out. Google Powered, Come On People Its A No Brainer and Finally TMobile Getting Into The Touch Game. The Android Platform Is Real And Watch How The Buzz Fly High.

  • Anonymous

I like the look of this phone and it's specs, It's Googles first attempt at a Cell phone OS and I reckon it's far better then the iPhone... and thanks to HTC for putting the hardware into a very nice looking Device

I look forward to trying out Android and it's features :)
Way to go Google!

  • Savor

Thanks for that post, Widdle. This reminds me of the Nokia N82. When it was first released, people easily bashed how ugly it was. Guess which phone is the #1 rated phone on GSMArena by voters? The design grew on people, but the features was top class. If people want art and entertainment, go to a museum or buy an Apple product. That's not cutting edge technology. That's just yearning to be a poser to strangers that couldn't care less about you even if you had a "pretty" phone. You might as well asked to get jacked. Once the dev community get acquainted with Android, this G1 will age like fine wine... Look at the current scores. Up to 7.2 and 7.8's. Once people started using their "brain" and imagination instead of just their "eyes", the scores have been going up! G1 only had 7.0's last week. Positive word of mouth is finally spreading...

  • Widdle

I had the pleasure of using one of these devices today!!! I can confirm that it will be well worth the wait! I agree in the photos it doesn't look "atractive" but when you have it in your hands it looks amazing, and the quality of build makes it feel a solid, well built phone. I will accept that it doesn't look as "sexy" as the iPhone, but, it is not far off, and the speed of the processer and responsivness of the touch screen is outstanding. I know it will not happen, but people should really stop slagging this phone off until they have tried it! as the pictures do not give the device justice!

  • wd

all i hear is peopling talking bad and complaining about this phone..i bet done of you even have the phone so dont talk bad untill oct 22

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Sep 2008ill w8 for the next generation lol (if it comes). it has some ni... moreYou know what? The iphone was not hyped at all. It's popular and it's successful because of its wonderful touch UI. And yes, it does not have every single feature, but other phones are not complete with every single feature as well. And the iphone does offer other features that are even more useful than the ones missing. Bottom line is, no phone is for every one. You have to know which phone works the best for you. The reason why some people hates the iphone so much is because they want to have it, but unfortunately for them, it does not have the feature that they want on it, or, they simply cannot afford it. Well too bad. Get over it and don't be bitter.

  • Anonymous

Zé, 28 Sep 2008Not as great?? ahahaha hey, iphone sucks, try too listen to musi... moreTo Ze. Please do not spread your ignorance. It can mislead people. You can listen to music while composing and sending sms with the iphone. You can even listen to music while browsing the web with the iphone.

  • Anonymous

Very good Android OS, but the phone is missing important features!

  • Anonymous

no A2DP means No Android for me.