T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide

T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide

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  • Mike

Love this phone - one of the big issues I had with it was battery life, but after rooting and putting CyanogenMod on it, I don't have this issue any longer. Not sure if that is because of the improvements in Android's battery usage in the later version or thanks to my underlocking of the CPU down to 240 MHz when the screen is off (overclocked to 800 MHz when the screen is on).

  • Anonymous

Stetson, 29 Dec 2010I have reviewed this website for a long time to check out what m... moreyou are rite,for me one of the best phone out there and knowbody talks about it. And I love the keyboard.

  • Stetson

I have reviewed this website for a long time to check out what my next step should be whenever looking for a different cell. I am typing this up with the MyTouch Slide's QWERTY keyboard, and I have to say, this phone is golden. It will put most other Droid operated phones to shame. Multitudes of features that are run on fluent technology. Definitely gets a 12 out of 10 from me. (Just be sure to uninstall apps that you aren't/don't use.

  • Jim

Pleaseeeeee anyone knows when the update is going to come out. I means froyo 2.2 or 2.3 whichever,wifi calling will be nice.

  • Mary

I had my doubts a first, but now I don't know what I would do without my mytouch slide 3G. If it ever breaks, I will definitely buy another. They are great. well worth the money.

  • sgeo

This phone is amazing, never been much of a touchsreen fan, which is why i got the slider but,droid's touchscreen swipe keypad is cool (i've only used the slider only twice since i've gotten it)and other features make this phone the best in it's pricing and class.

  • Qua

Can't complain about this phone since it's perfect in every feature. However, the 320x480 screen does not allow you to enjoy good games.
In general, I love this stuff.

  • stan

i am gonna get this phone. Tell u more when i receive it.

  • ddp

baby, 22 Oct 2010tell me about games can u play 3d games like iphone?yes u can and much more this phone is alwesome

  • baby

tell me about games can u play 3d games like iphone?

  • sam

i hav T-mobile its over two year so i can get discount yeaaa aa so i get this phone about $50 NOT BAD.

  • anthony

I have posted on here but just found out some news a lot of people are saying that mts will not get froyo 2.2 that is wrong it will get the update as soon as the new batch of slides get sent out also just found out that I can be online and talking at the same time extremely pleased about that so plz if anyone has anytips or info about the mts please let me know thx

  • mark espinoza

Mytouch slide is the best cell out there nothin compares. Android market!!! Rocks free downloads tons of space on my phone for whatever!! Pandora is a must!

Thanks t.mobile

  • anthony

I just got my mts and have to say am really speechless it is a great phone haven't had any lag issues pretty quick downloads camera nice love the swype technology pretty good memory can't wait for 2.2 to come out now here is the funny part I exchanged my new vibrant galaxy s for this mts I know peoples mouths just dropped vgs was a great phone but the mts is faster online the vgs lagged a lot and on top of everything I only had it for a week and it crashed I had a full retail mind u 660 dollar paper weight within a day of having the mts I got a ota update I've downloaded a lot of apps and I also am using 3d hd wallpapers a deffinet 9.5 out of 10

  • hhh

i got the mts a month ago and i love it screw the the i phone 4

  • Sam

You have some of the Specifications Wrong

it has swipe, a trackpad, and multitouch
Geotaging (android has had this from 1.1)
If i remember corect it has an ARM11 600mgz processer (don't qote me on that one though)

but overall that is a good reiview and i love my phone just wish i had wated on the g2

  • Lol

Anonymous, 04 Oct 2010it is senseActually, the UI name is Espresso. Its T-Mobile's version of HTC Sense. Essentially its the same process but a different look. Its just not branded "HTC Sense".

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Sep 2010The MyTouch 3G Slide UI looks like HTC Sense UIit is sense

  • Sukhmeet

Hey Please Tell Me Does myTouch 3G Slide Support Skype ?? Any alternative application on which one can have voice chat or video chat??

  • Dantheone

How much internal memory does this phone have?