T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide

T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide

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  • hhh


  • Anonymous

The MyTouch 3G Slide UI looks like HTC Sense UI

  • sergio

TND, 05 Aug 2010is it just me, or does the battery life suck? went to sleep w.m... morethat has happen to me...idk why but when you go to bed turn off the internet network...and you should be good

  • Anonymous

im going to get a mytouch slide and i was just wondering is white or black color better?

  • Anonymous

Melv, 12 Jul 2010Hey guys, i really really like this phone but unfortunately wher... moreLook at the 3G frequencies to determine if you can use the phone on another GSM provider data plan. Otherwise you are stuck with using the wifi for that.

  • TND

is it just me, or does the battery life suck? went to sleep w.my phone charged 100% woke up and a quarter of the battery is used. i have stopped most of the running apps too, i dont understand -_-

  • Jim

Anonymous, 31 Jul 2010One of the few times I got something within a week of its releas... morelook for an app,on the market store. It's an app for that

  • Anonymous

any review?

  • nexus t

I just got my MTS today and I like it. It is however a glitchy unit.

  • Anonymous

One of the few times I got something within a week of its release. I finally get to be a guinea pig. It's a great phone, a sort of iPhone for T-Mobile customers.

My one complaint is that the GMail phone app has no known features or documentation for dealing with clipped messages. So you either have to use the phone browser and go to the GMail website (which provides for viewing the entire message), or use the phone's regular "Mail" program, which you can configure to not clip messages regardless of size.

Sent by Billy

  • jasmine

Love love love mytouch 3G slide. Initally I was up for a renewal w/tmobile so I initally got the HTC HD2 since I thought the highest priced phone is the better one but I was wrong. After a day of using it I hated it I don't get how it apps sucks. I returned the phone and got a mytouch 3G slide its awesome, great tons apps more and I like the idea it has a full keypad.

  • DEL

Do you have to have a data plan to access anything on the mytouch 3g slide or can you just use wifi to use the android market and the apps etc.

  • Anonymous

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  • Melv

Hey guys, i really really like this phone but unfortunately where i live, we dont have t-mobile. i found an unlocked version on ebay. if i'll buy it will i be able to use internet on it and emailings?


  • Javier

I am an experienced cell phone programmer/ technician for http://www.superreys.com and I have seen and used many many cell phones. My service provider is T-Mobile and I have been a dedicated Apple iphone (Jailbroken) user from day one. I love my iphone the way that it operates the speed and how user friendly it is. I thought thought for the longest time that. First off I would like to say that the iphone works faster and with almost no dropped calls. My professional opinion is that the iphone works better in the NYC area on T-Mobile than on AT&T.
If AT&T were to ever loose the iphone contract they would see a great loss in their profits. I thought that no PDA would ever come close to the iphone, until the My Touch 3G Slide. I got a hold of one a month before they were released and honestly have to say that I finally found a product that replaced the iphone!!! I am so happy with this My Touch 3G Slide. It is so user freindly, very fast, great GPS a TON of apps, I really have to say this is the best PDA that I have come across. If T-Mobile were to do some good marketing on this product I am sure that they will bury the iphone, mind you I love the iphone, but the My Touch 3G slide blows the iphone out of the water. And a buddy that just got a 3G slide found a way to teather the phone to a laptop SSSWWWEEEETTTTT!!!. Incredible product. It is so much fun to use this phone. Go to T-Mobile you can get one and have 15 days to return the product for a refund. I promise you that maybe 9 out of 10 buyers will stay with the 3G Slide. IPHONE MOVE OVER, YOUR TIME HAS COME!!!

  • k1337z

Although on paper this phone lacks high end specs, the user experience says otherwise. It handles tasks surprisingly well for a midrange CPU (probably due to the generous 512MB RAM) and comes with an 8GB SD Card. The HTC Sense Espresso UI is a little different at first but it grows on you pretty quick (except the recent apps in the notifications bar, it's somewhat obstructive in landscape mode). The display is pretty nice for only having a 480x320 resolution. Battery life is decent. The hardware keyboard is top notch but I also use the Swype keyboard as much, if not more. I personally don't use the Genius feature too often but it has come in handy in the car. Dragon dictation's speech to text may even be more accurate than Google's. Flash lite does the job about half the time but you can't go wrong with this phone, especially since it's promised Froyo. I would highly recommend this phone.

  • Bob

Toni, 24 Jun 2010Not an opinion but a question. I bought a HD2 on 6/19. I find t... moreYes I did just that I was lucky they allowed me to return the HD2 and get the MTS instead works great.

  • Anonymous

why no reviews for t-mobile phones?

  • E

I purchased an HTC HD2 on the first day it launched. I have had nothing but problems with the phone, such as freezing, losing data, unable to open E-mail, etc. I just bought the Mytouch 3g slide I absolutely love the phone. Very easy to learn, lots and lots of free apps. Easy access to E-mail. Recommend highly.

  • ME

Lee Roy, 24 Jun 2010If you had to choose between the nexus one or the new mytouch 3g... moreI have both...
MTS wins hands down!