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T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide

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  • Toni

Not an opinion but a question.
I bought a HD2 on 6/19. I find that it freezes. The battery life is awful and it does not allow me to access my gmail emails among other things. Do you all think it would be a good idea to trade it in for a Mytouch Slide. I have 14 days after purchase to decide. Is t-mobile releasing any new phones July 1st?
Thanks for your help..

  • Anonymous

I love this phone! My wife has the n1 and its just as equally impressive. They both blow the samsung galaxy 5800 out of the water. Battery life is good on the mytouch and better on the N1 and the samsung just sucks.

  • Lee Roy

If you had to choose between the nexus one or the new mytouch 3g slide, which one would it be and why?

  • TC

LAKER FAN, 17 Jun 2010what is the battery life on this one is it good?i heard things a... moreIn regards to battery life, I cant complain as my usage in on the heavy side. I am constantly surfing the net or working the social media sites for my own personal research so the battery works hard and I would say as an above normal user it suits you to have a charger nearby to juice up. But if ur an average phone user who wont be working the internet channels much, the battery will last 6am to midnight ..

i find the personalization of the phones features to be its core asset. Everything runs so smooth and so fast. I find it hard to believe sumpne would not be impressed with the user functionality of the Slide. Oh and having Android running behind it all makes it that much more powerful too. You can find all kinds of cool programs and widgets thru the Android Market or on android websites and theres just no end to what one can do on here.

So before you juml on here, posting anymous discontent and disdain for the phone.. why not actually get one in your hands so you can see what a real reviewer sees and feels. Oh and I typed this on my Slide.. the QWERTY keyboard kicks the competition to the side....


what is the battery life on this one is it good?i heard things about flimsy slide mechanism that doesnt last long how true is this?what about facebook integration is it fast to upload?are pictures descent on this one?anybody who owns this pls give a more technical review.thank you.

  • g

Anonymous, 14 Jun 2010The most sad part of the phone is that it has no fm radio. Also ... moreGo to pandora APP. you can customize your own radio station and its free. thought i would try to help.

  • Ben

tony, 31 May 2010i have a g1, is the mytouch slide a replacement for my phone? Yes

  • Ben

tony, 31 May 2010i have a g1, is the mytouch slide a replacement for my phone? Yes

  • joctober

what kind of video format does it play

  • Anonymous

is it possible to customize the inbox look? like the colors and text colors and such, like the G1?

  • Anonymous

Can you change the background to one of your own pictures on the phone?

  • Anonymous

The most sad part of the phone is that it has no fm radio. Also it has no secondary camera. I dont want purchase it.

  • todd

looks utterly not special

  • MJK

For the most part I LOVE the phone, but I've had some issues with the phone restarting itself. I took it back to the store and they exchanged it for me no questions asked. Today it shut itself down and would not turn back on. I even plugged it into the charger thinking maybe the battery was dead...I had to remove the battery and the sim card to turn it back on. Anyone else have any issues with theirs? I'm guessing the problem is in my sim card or micro sd card.

  • SKOW

Robert, 01 Jun 2010What is the internal memory of the Slide?512MB

  • JT

TC, 08 Jun 2010I have been with Tmobile for almost 3 years now and I must admit... morethank you soooo much.. i've been going back and forth with whether to get a blackberry (my sister has one and she adores it) or to get the mytouch slide, from your review my decision has been made and it's the mytouch slide FTW. thank you so much

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Jun 2010how can i transfer all my contacts that i have saved in my sim? helpIf your contacts are saved to your sim card the phone should automatically pull them from the card. If you are unable to do this the easiest solution is to go into the closest t-mobile store and have them do this for you.

  • TC

I have been with Tmobile for almost 3 years now and I must admit I have dealt with some pains with the phones. When Android burst onto the scene with the g1, I was the first to jump on the empty bandwagon as I did not enjoy the business function of blackberry and despised Windows Mobile since the Dash SUCKED. I fell in love with the g1 from day one and used it to death. When i heard rumors of the slide in April I decided to return the HD2 only five days after getting it becuz i wanted to use my upgrade discount on the slide! Its been well worth it! The Slide integrates all my social media with my contacts and everything is simplified and easy to use. The camera has worked great for me, all times of day! I luv the 5-7 home screens, it allows me to personalize my phone with widgets and just make my whole user experience that much more enjoyable. I thought I was not going to enjoy the optical trackball being used to the old trackball of the g1 but so far it works for me and is easy to use. I had the hd2 with its snapdragon super processor and the phone froze up on me ten times in the 5 days i had it. I have had the Slide 5 days now and it hasnt froze up pr been sluggish ONCE!! midrange my buttt! This phone rocks!

The only thing that i have problems with is a cosmetic choice on the part of the designers at HTC.. whoever made the decision on the QWERTY keyboard to place the O/9 key next to the P/0 key is a complete idiot becuz everyone time im typing i confuse the two and all my words with the letter O end up being letter Ps and my "wprds" look like that!

Overall, this phone gets a 8.5 out of 10 from me. An avid, Android Tmobile user.

  • Anonymous

Jay, 31 May 2010"This model works very well as an upgrade for those coming ... moreWhat a pisspoor review, first off, you act like ONLY upgrading the software isn't enough of a reason to buy the phone, but outside of that... they're upgraded the battery, the camera, added a flash, added flash, genius button, better keyboard, amonst many other improvements. Pff, read a book.

  • Kevin P

I had to buy the retail price, but I have been with T-mobile for more than a year, they give me $200 off as a partial upgrade/discount...