T-Mobile myTouch 4G

T-Mobile myTouch 4G

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  • yxxngdynasty

chid, 06 Feb 2013my phone shuted down i dont know what the problem is help me with thisCall T-Mobile, have them reset it your phone.

  • Anonymous

my phone just constantly remain on the standby screen when powered on......dont know what is the problem....i need some help

  • Nana

I've loved my MyTouch 4G since the day I got it. I still love it even though it has completely died.
It is a great phone, although now it is "outdated". I wish HTC continued to make the mytouch series, since this one was so promising. However it was handed off and the quality of the mytouch has seemed to go down.

  • frank

hi guys, just want some help. i've been using this fon 4 a while until one day when i was charging,i encountered some bad condition on the current and suddenly my phone started shocking me. i tried n remove the charger and removed the battery.as soon as i removed the battery and put it back the phone can't be switched on again. pls guyz help me....

  • Anonymous

im ont with t mobile n my phone has on d swipe lock n i cont remember d password

  • chayding

it very good phone

  • opk1

pleas i like the phone very much but my network keep on going off and on every time and restart all the time, please how can solve this

  • DSK

I have upgraded the android version from 2.2 to 2.3.4.
it was working very fine, however after installing few applications, I am getting the errors such as,

When I scroll up the menu, it disaapear.
Applications even messages/gallery are not opening.

Kindly help me in this regard, as I really like the phone & its specifications under this budget.


  • Juan

My phone lock how do you get it unlock

  • Ivan 9

How can i download android os 4.0 ice cream on My phone

  • logane

la radio de mytouch 4G s'allume correctement mais ne capte aucune radio,de plus le vibreur ne fonctionne pas

  • Klefy

My radio comes on alright but never finds any station. Any help?

  • Anonymous

i use my touch 4g t mobile but my wifi does not turn on.
can someone please help me out.

  • chami

fazly, 18 Feb 2013i need new battery, where i can find the battery in sri lanka.Try 2nd cross st in Pettah. Colombo 11

  • abrahambest

Its a nice phone.i use my touch 4g v
ersion 2.3.4 HTC glacier but my Wifi does not turn on.pls I need urgent help with this.thanks

  • Britt

I miss my myTouch 4G that's the best phone I had,I'm looking for another phone my touch 4G

  • AnonD-118915

i have this mobile,its very good experience but in build storage not 4gb.

  • shushu

arko, 08 Jan 2013Go to DiBaggio phones at circle. You'll get it around 400GHGo to Google GH trader, u can get a good deal,TRUST

  • Angel

The glass of my movil is broken. Somebody have someone. I need to. Urgent

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Feb 2013and is it good?? cos i'm thinking of going to buy oneGood phone I have 2 and I like it. Pretty fast and responsive. The technology is 3 yr. old but still good enough for the normal web surfing, emails, video watching, and even some of the latest games.