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T-Mobile myTouch Q

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  • j
  • jazzy
  • 6QA
  • 29 Jan 2016

i am use LG-C800 My Touch Tmobile since 5 year i not face any problem regarding any usage but only one problem shown in this Cell phone it is slow use in outgoing calls and incoming calls. otherwise it all the best as compare to other with this price.

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    • Anonymous
    • uZa
    • 15 Dec 2014

    Q mobile A2classic

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      • Anonymous
      • 4ra
      • 07 Dec 2014

      i need helpn with my mytouch phone.

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        • Anonymous
        • j%m
        • 26 Nov 2014

        AnonD-131132, 31 Mar 2013this phone is not LG. It is Huawei madeno it is not it is made by LG. I have this phone and i know someone who has the Huawei one and they are different.

          • j
          • joelx
          • nXt
          • 11 Jun 2014

          sistersheath, 20 May 2014There are 2 versions of the my touch Q, LG and HuwwaiIt is the LG mytouch Q aka LCG800.(I bought it on ebay out of the US for about 100US$ paid with PayPal
          It was simlockfree indeed and It works fine, good internet and photographs first with a prepaid-sim and now with Vodafone 3G bundle now( also Windows live mail and whatsapp downloaded, but without guarantee, thars the risk I took and now i'm glad i did

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            • Anonymous
            • fuv
            • 11 Jun 2014

            Can't connect to my laptop via Wi-fi

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              • sistersheath
              • Iud
              • 20 May 2014

              AnonD-131132, 31 Mar 2013this phone is not LG. It is Huawei madeThere are 2 versions of the my touch Q, LG and Huwwai

                • J
                • JAZZY
                • KI6
                • 23 Apr 2014

                my lg c800 is very slow during using the internet & camera result is worst

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                  • tired of it
                  • kB6
                  • 22 Mar 2014

                  Anonymous, 17 Mar 2014This phone stinks it shuts off at will , takes screen shots... moreWithout a doubt the tmobile service and my touch phone is the worst. Been a customer for ten years. Between waiting several minutes for emails and web sites to open and constant signal even we are sitting under a tower I am history when my contract is up. Store folks are of no help. Today was last straw when dropped signal in the middle of a helping some with a medical emergency

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                    • Anonymous
                    • sHC
                    • 17 Mar 2014

                    This phone stinks it shuts off at will , takes screen shots whenever it wants , drops calls and is hard to hear when your trying to talk to someone . I will not buy another LG phone .

                      • K
                      • Kristi
                      • 6DD
                      • 26 Dec 2013

                      I hate this phone! First the camera is the worst I have ever had. Including the last 2 phones that were very primitive phones. It wont focus, most of my pics are blurry. No matter what settings I put it on, it looks like a cheap crappy kids phone took the pic. the flash is to bright and washes everything out and makes a big bright spot in the middle of the pic like someone put a flash light on the subject. Also the vibrate is too light, I cant feel it or hear it, if its on my desk or in my pocket, I miss calls all the time. And it doesn't show me missed calls on my screen, I have to go into the log and then I will see. And the lowest volume setting is very loud. So I have to have it on vibrate, which I don't hear or if I have the volume on at all the whole office hears it. And I am having my 3rd one sent to me tomorrow. I have only had it for 7 months, the first one froze up and shut off all the time, the second one no one can hear me I can only hear them. The 3rd I will take in and trade it in for something better. I love the keyboard. I hear the Galaxy S Relay is good, i will try that. Even though every time I went in to the T Mobile store and told them I hated this phone, do you have any more options with a keyboard? They always say no! The good thing is, since the first two cases I bought online were broken before I got them. I have never used a case, only a screen protector. I have dropped it a number of times, nothing major (Im short lol) but no dongs at all . The bottom curves up a bit so even if I dropped it right on the face the screen would be protected a bit. My bf has broke his galaxy screen 2 times so far.

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                        • stanwizzy
                        • kBe
                        • 25 Oct 2013

                        Anonymous, 19 Mar 2013You comment about ICS is not correct. ICS is already avail... morehow did u go about upgrading it to android 4.0

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                          • e57
                          • 3sE
                          • 07 Jul 2013

                          D phone get hots just after some mins of using it

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                            • tried of bad phones
                            • Irm
                            • 02 Jul 2013

                            Good Morning, I have been a t-mobile customer for sometime now and all I have been getting is bad phones, I love their services as a company, but their phone selection is bad if I would say my self, I've had the the wildfire, Galaxy S, and My touch Q and they were all bad phones for me, If it wasn't for the freezing, it was no connection the the internet

                              • j
                              • joefbcomcorp
                              • 4Z6
                              • 15 Jun 2013

                              It has a front camera, and I have successful got the radio to play music. Use headphones.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • Rbq
                                • 02 Jun 2013

                                Mytouch Q - nothing but problems since I've had it. Now their saying i need updates. Hardly able to do anything. Locks up, when topping won't space or type a word without delet words

                                  • D
                                  • AnonD-143995
                                  • qKF
                                  • 10 May 2013

                                  There is no FM function on this phone, despite what anyone says. On their website, T-Mobile says that they will not support FM on this phone. And there is no evidence online that anyone has managed to get FM to work on this phone. There are no FM apps that work for this phone.

                                    • G
                                    • GarBear
                                    • qKF
                                    • 10 May 2013

                                    There is no FM on this phone, despite what anyone says. There are no apps that enable FM. And, T-Mobile says on their website that FM is not supported on this phone.

                                      • ?
                                      • Anonymous
                                      • ftV
                                      • 16 Apr 2013

                                      wat can i do to make the 3g or 4g stable is ther any application i can use to do that

                                        • D
                                        • AnonD-131132
                                        • 4S8
                                        • 31 Mar 2013

                                        Anonymous, 19 Mar 2013You comment about ICS is not correct. ICS is already avail... morethis phone is not LG.
                                        It is Huawei made