T-Mobile myTouch Q

T-Mobile myTouch Q

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  • j%p
  • 19 Mar 2013

You comment about ICS is not correct. ICS is already available for the LG MyTouch Q. I have had it installed on mine for months with the most recent update from January 23, 2013.

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    • 4H3
    • 24 Feb 2013

    AnonD-69345, 01 Sep 2012Hallo! How was the battery for this phone? Poše is 1500mAh,... moreLG is not going to update this phone to ICS

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      • AnonD-69345
      • 0v@
      • 01 Sep 2012

      Hallo! How was the battery for this phone? Poše is 1500mAh, and talk and stanby time is very short?
      Whether it can be upgraded to ICS?

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        • El Sidekicker
        • j8w
        • 09 Aug 2012

        El Sidekicker, 05 Aug 2012I'm seriously thinking of selling my rooted Sidekick 4G on ... moreUhhh. Forget it. I must have read about the wrong device. The devs at xda are not the slightest bit interested in tackling this phone. They said enjoy Gingerbread...and only Gingerbread on this phone. ICS is only in dreams.

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          • El Sidekicker
          • j8w
          • 05 Aug 2012

          I'm seriously thinking of selling my rooted Sidekick 4G on e-bay for $80 and saving up for this phone. At least Cyanogen can be installed on it.

          I love qwerty phones but the Sidekick 4G is stuck on Froyo 2.2. The android development section is dead over at xda and with the Galaxy selling so well, Samsung will never release Gingerbread.

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            • Gene
            • 8bK
            • 11 Jul 2012

            abinash, 09 Oct 2011nice .........My review a quickie, coming from using a motorola cliq and mytouch 3g slide good: If you want a qwerty keyboard this is one of the best, a vast improvement over the mytouch 3g slide very inexpensive android phone, sound quality good, HD video, servicable camera the bad: less stable than HTC, esp on the internet, display quallity could be better, most frustrating of all though, its billed as a 4g phone, I've had the thing for 3 months or so and have had access to 4g network for about 5 minutes, and it drops you to 2g does not work on 3g to me that's this phones weakest link.

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              • AnonD-57546
              • fuf
              • 04 Jun 2012

              lovely phone.

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                • Q5T
                • 09 Nov 2011

                For all you guys complaining, you do know that tmobile is not trying to make this a flag ship phone right?

                They just want this to be a affordable device (as they always want to have some) that has some nice features. Although, I do agree they should have put the screen of the mytouch by lg

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                  • slidebitch
                  • 4}%
                  • 03 Nov 2011

                  mytouch 4g slide kills this crap

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                    • dick
                    • eft
                    • 28 Oct 2011

                    This phone's from the late 80's in phone years

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                      • 3FE
                      • 10 Oct 2011

                      320 x 480 and a 1GHZ?


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                        • abinash
                        • 2ZY
                        • 09 Oct 2011