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  • sibscomunicator

Zanti, 22 Sep 2019I hate this phone more than I've hated anything in my life. A re... moreI agree with everything you said I hate this phone also!😠

  • Anonymous

Zanti, 22 Sep 2019I hate this phone more than I've hated anything in my life. A re... moreSorry that you hate your phone but that's the most amusing review I've ever read. Definitely won't buy that phone. Thanks for the laugh!

  • Zanti

I hate this phone more than I've hated anything in my life. A red hot, seeing black, hate that comes from hell itself.
It will not let me use a launcher of my choice. If i download one, it will ask me EVERY SINGLE TIME I click on anything, which launcher to use- no matter what i assign as my home launcher.
It will not keep a wallpaper of my choosing, going back to the ugly stock wallpaper 5 seconds after I assign a different one.
It will not keep me logged into Facebook, Google, any of them.
It freezes. ALL THE TIME. It takes 10 minutes to wait for it to work through whatever so you can reboot- which takes forever.
The camera is worse than crap and takes so long to pull up that you miss your shot, without fail.
It changes your settings all the time, randomly. Nothing stays the way you want it to. I am constantly reprogramming my preferences.
It does not sync correctly.
Basically, anything you expect a phone to do because it is basic phone shit, this phone will not do, and it will undo whatever you do to try to make it useable.
I hate this phone. HATE IT.
Whoever designed this phone should have a special place in hell waiting for them.
I have lost years of my life due to the stess of just trying to make this phone do basic things.
It is the devil.

  • Tableah

I just got my T-Mobile REVVL for about 3 weeks now. I haven't had any issues at all except I can't find the pictures I save to my phone from Facebook etc. I know there is a way just got to figure it out. Other than that I guess I'm one of the few lucky ones that have no issues. I actually really like mine. I previously had a LG stylus. I like this one just as much. Good picture quality, apps work fine (only a few ad pop Up's) , no freezing issues, good storage space, ( hate the enomjis , forgot that one!!) Battery percentage fine, no heat issues. Overall good phone & would recommend if you want a good phone on a budget! :)

  • Angry_624

Trash, has terrible wifi connection, tells me that apps that I haven't even opened for a week aren't responding, has a terrible battery, and lags like hell. Would not recommend

  • Supremeleader15

Minimeli73, 28 May 2019I had a revival plus and had a warranty replacement. Second phon... moreMy mom got this phone for me back when I was in 8th grade for Christmas, it's gonna be almost the second year I have it but now it has problems with the volume and power button, it sometimes gets to hot that I can't even use it for school and in one case you could where burnt marks were left on the screen, I've told her this phone has some major software problems and others in general but she doesn't believe me. I'm scared that this cheap piece of garbage might blow up

I've heard about a lot of software related problems with this phone, but this thing has structural problems too. I got one and ALL of the buttons didn't work, and so I tried to reassemble the button assembly. That didn't work, and when putting it back together, screwing the screws for the frame in CRACKED THE SCREEN. I knew this was suspicious and bound to happen, especially since before I opened it, there were pressure points all across the screen where the screws are. This thing isn't worth repairing.

  • Minimeli73

Stonesthrow, 08 Aug 2018I have this crap phone also. T-Mobile just sent me a re-furbishe... moreI had a revival plus and had a warranty replacement. Second phone sucked too. I went into a mobile store today. They were awesome, wonderful. Can't speak highly enough about the lady at the store and her manager. I firmly but nicely told them" nope this phone sucks!! Get me a new phone or I will go to any other carrier". The people at the store were flat out " yep it dose". The young girl spent over and hour on the phone with customer service arguing that the phone flat out sucked. Her manager even complained to the superiors boss because they were not going to " jump my phone" I got my new phone today, because T-Mobile in fact knows the phone is horrible!!.

As it turns out my daughter bought this phone just two days ago while in Chicago. The phone added an extra hour to her trip home because it kept losing GPS. She filmed her husband performing a show, and the video focus was all over the place and there is no stabilization of any kind. Half the video is garbage. The phone overheats even when it's cool outside and doing nothing, yet I can take an HTC U11 and play Riptide GP2 in the blazing sun on a 100 degree day at the beach, and it never overheats. Been there, done that. You get what you pay for.

  • Anonymous

TMobile revvl plus Horrible phone. I've had 3 in the last year & not one works correctly. I've had so many problems. Photos always come out blurry & I've had to deal with rebooting the phone several time a day. It gets stuck or moves slow. I've even sent it back & got one from the insurance still same problem. I've spoken with several agents from TMobile who can seem to pin the problem. I've also had 3 brand new SIM card put in over several weeks & still problems are not solved. Agents say they will call back when they find a solution you don't hear back from them. You call back for an update & they have no idea the problem & there you are having to explain the same thing for the hundredth time still to get no where . An agent even said he would speak to the company who makes revvl & than he never called back. So frustrating Don't buy this phone you will be extremely disappointed & annoyed!!!!!

  • Anonymous

All getting only 2g on a unlocked T-Mobile relvv. This phone is bad for roaming

  • Trashman

This is the absolute worst phone I have ever purchased, when I upgrade, I am definitely smashing this brick, probably inside the TMobile store that sold me this trash lol. Some dude told me this was just as good as a galaxy s6, this is slower than my budget Alcatel phone in 2012. Every day i use it it feels like it gets slower and slower. This pos often crashes just by pulling up the keyboard. THIS THING IS COMPLETELY UNUSABLE.

I'm having wifi connection issues I have it connected and then it switches to Regular Data instead of staying connected to WiFi any help please???

  • rodack

I've had this phone for 2 years - no problems works well

  • lea

BaldNerdGuy, 09 Nov 2018I don't get the complaints. This phone works great for me. No cr... moreMy mom and I purchased this phone one year ago and we are completely pleased, never a problem. If others phones crash, it could be that many things are open at the same time. I am a happy customer.

  • JustheretoRant

I have had this phone since like May......IT SUCKS! The phone freezes all the damn time and its just annoying and it gets extremely hot and then I have to restart it and I'm just glad I'm getting a new Phone cause I wouldn't know how I would deal with this for a month.

  • Dreamer

The revvl plus is the worst cell I've ever bought . Aps open on their own, a particular ap keeps crashing and one cannot schedule a Text message. I am disappointed in my phone! As soon as I am able. I will replace it with something better. I hope.

  • BaldNerdGuy

I don't get the complaints. This phone works great for me. No crashes, no freezing, no random app opening unless I accidentally touch the wrong spot. If anything I can only complain about T-Mobile trying to upsell the Name ID feature which will open up as a full page every other reboot.

  • Green Amy

Annm, 16 Jul 2018This is a crap phone. It's going to get me killed in my car. I'l... moreBad to the bones. They offered me a refurbished one of those T revel and I refused. They need to recall, recall, recall
I ate this phone and all my family and friends. They don't even want to call me. This is bad, real bad

  • Anonymous

Worse phone I have ever had. I can't see how T-MOBILE could feel comfortable selling such a piece of junk. Between this piece of crap phone, and the poor service, I may as well do without. T-MOBILE will soon be losing my business, unless something changes soon, and I'm sure, I won't be the only one