T-Mobile REVVL V+ 5G

T-Mobile REVVL V+ 5G

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  • Anonymous
  • IbI
  • 02 Jul 2022

I called the cust. Device of t.mobile and asked the Professionals what new phone would be best for us...they gave us Revvl.NEVER told us that it was be a Contract! I Asked. Was told No.contract.i had wanted a Galaxy phone but was told No revvl was recommended so go with it...Anyway......Revvl is the Worst phone I've ever had!! In Almost Every Way! I had asked for an easy phone on same program of Galaxy. Was told I yes Revvl is the same...However Revvl was And Is NOT Any at All the same as My galaxy. We have been True T.mobile customers for Like 25 yrs or so .after this Shady Deal that I was Given. I Will Be leaving t.mobile. As soon as their Dirty Contract/ no contract is up!..the Customer service rep that Have me this piece of shit phone and recommended this phone Should Be Fired! Obviously. They did NO work or thought at all. And only gave me a Crap phone because they probably can't sell this crappy phone.Thanx TMobile.for Shit💩

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    • Kingkaleb37
    • 4Di
    • 30 Jun 2022

    Charles Leigh, 22 Apr 2022I really like the improvements made to the REVVL V 5G compa... moreTbh yeah I just got the phone and for the price it's really nice and fast but I been having audio problems too I connected it to my 2013 Volkswagen Passat and it was working fine and out of no where it started sounding like an alien took over so I think there is some refinement that needs to be done to the software but overall nice

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      • Bostquigley
      • YbP
      • 23 Jun 2022

      Dave, 31 May 2022Just got this phone! Excellent is an understatement! It... moreAgree!!

        One thing I have to say a lot of you don't know about the phone period. Not understanding something can seem to be a bad thing. Lot of you switching to a updated version of Android can make the phone appear unimpressive. It's a basic smartphone yet some of you are behaving like you paid for a mid and high end phone. People wake up it's reality. Lots of issues I read in the comments seems to me that person's do not have knowledge about this phone.

          My phone works well. Good phone no problems mention in comments. My phone don't have these issues:

          1. My ok Google works.
          2. I move apps to and from home screen.
          3. Most of these so call problems I don't have.

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            • Jammer
            • 8cC
            • 09 Jun 2022

            So far so good. Pretty snappy and huge display. A little heavy for a phone.

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              • Carlos
              • IbE
              • 04 Jun 2022

              Had to exchange it three times because of software issues. The third time it works great no problem!

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                • Dave
                • b9X
                • 31 May 2022

                Just got this phone! Excellent is an understatement! It's big, bright, fast as lightning, great battery, amazing camera, easy to move icons around and and navigate the phone. I had a LG40, junk compared to this. And the price, WOW! All negative reviews here either don't know how to use this phone or have a vested interest in trashing it. BRAVO T-MOBIL!

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                  • Raymundo
                  • YH5
                  • 26 May 2022

                  Terrible phone. Every time I stay on a call for 10 minutes or more the volume decreases automatically on and off. I now don't blame who I am talking to since it is clearly this phone. Now screen wants to rotate and stay in new position no matter which way I turn it.

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                    • badamsios
                    • kt9
                    • 09 May 2022

                    Junk. No ok google, no way to move apps to and from the home screen and the speaker volume is a joke

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                      • Anonymous
                      • qL6
                      • 23 Apr 2022

                      Charles Leigh, 22 Apr 2022I really like the improvements made to the REVVL V 5G compa... moreI have same issues

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                        • Charles Leigh
                        • QdI
                        • 22 Apr 2022

                        AggrevatedinShelton, 02 Mar 2022Insane how bad some things work on this phone. Haven'... moreI really like the improvements made to the REVVL V 5G compared to my former REVVL 5G model which was accidentally destroyed. However, I am having the same connectivity issue with connecting the REVVL V 5G to my 2017 Ford Transit Connect Sync3 audio system via Bluetooth. Bluetooth on the phone keeps stopping no matter what I do. The phone was recognized by Sync3, but it cannot maintain a connection long enough to work with Sync3. Very frustrating, and I cannot seem to find how to correct the problem,

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                          • aortiz
                          • Ibx
                          • 05 Apr 2022

                          Anonymous, 28 Feb 2022I have a custom build on mine. Just bought the phone. Why?Because the phone is using wingtech build

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                            • Anonymous
                            • qyb
                            • 03 Apr 2022

                            Traded in my old Samsung 7 Traded in for this phone a month ago. Haven't been able to make or recieve calls for 1/2 of the time. After 2 weeks the microphone went out. TMobile ordered me a new one. When in came in, it took 3 hours for them to transfer my photos & contacts. Couldn't transfer text history on my calendar. After 1 day, the new phone couldn't connect to TMobile network. Then they replaced the SIM card. It worked for 4 hours and wouldn't connect to the network again.

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                              • JoeC
                              • qT%
                              • 31 Mar 2022

                              Volusia60, 05 Nov 2021Worst phone ever. I'm on my second phone and T mobile ... moreI agree with you 100%. This phone is garbage...such a waste of money.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • kwm
                                • 24 Mar 2022

                                Cudleber, 03 Dec 2021My parents brought me this phone for my birthday, and it�... moreWhen you only wanna buy this phone to play Genshin cause your phone can't. My cousin and I played Genshin together but their phone ran smoother than mine, they said Dragonspine was a bit of a problem for them because it was laggy but I'm sure if I have only Genshin on that phone it'll run smoothly. :)

                                  Anonymous, 04 Mar 2022I just got this phone last week, it's a great phone do... more"don't buy into it drops calls"?

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • MYi
                                    • 04 Mar 2022

                                    I just got this phone last week, it's a great phone don't buy into it drops calls. I've never had an issue, great camera, great display

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                                      • AggrevatedinShelton
                                      • 4$9
                                      • 02 Mar 2022

                                      Insane how bad some things work on this phone. Haven't really used it for gaming, but when trying to watch Hulu or Netflix, or just using navigation - I get memory exception errors all the time. While I have not had any dropped phone calls, the phone refuses to maintain a connection to my car (2019 Ford) for more than 15-20 seconds. I had to just had to have the car 'forget' the phone - have it paired with my work issued iPhone instead.

                                      Craziest thing, is that the fingerprint reader has never worked. It detects a finger going over the sensor - but not enough to even set it up all the way - ends with errors that the reader isn't working.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • g0e
                                        • 28 Feb 2022

                                        DragonIce48, 19 Feb 2022Does anyone else have a Custom Build Version? Under the abo... moreI have a custom build on mine. Just bought the phone. Why?