T-Mobile REVVL V+ 5G

T-Mobile REVVL V+ 5G

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  • Anonymous
  • MYi
  • 04 Mar 2022

I just got this phone last week, it's a great phone don't buy into it drops calls. I've never had an issue, great camera, great display

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    • AggrevatedinShelton
    • 4$9
    • 02 Mar 2022

    Insane how bad some things work on this phone. Haven't really used it for gaming, but when trying to watch Hulu or Netflix, or just using navigation - I get memory exception errors all the time. While I have not had any dropped phone calls, the phone refuses to maintain a connection to my car (2019 Ford) for more than 15-20 seconds. I had to just had to have the car 'forget' the phone - have it paired with my work issued iPhone instead.

    Craziest thing, is that the fingerprint reader has never worked. It detects a finger going over the sensor - but not enough to even set it up all the way - ends with errors that the reader isn't working.

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      • Anonymous
      • g0e
      • 28 Feb 2022

      DragonIce48, 19 Feb 2022Does anyone else have a Custom Build Version? Under the abo... moreI have a custom build on mine. Just bought the phone. Why?

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        • DragonIce48
        • IbI
        • 19 Feb 2022

        Does anyone else have a Custom Build Version? Under the about phone settings, located about Build Number. Please comment and let me know, please.

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          • Ms kaye
          • IbF
          • 05 Feb 2022

          a big headache. have exchange t-mobile revvl v+5g three times with the same problems. i wouldn't recommend it to noe to buy.

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            • Radar1
            • 0ac
            • 26 Jan 2022

            I see a lot of negative comments but I actually like this phone.
            I got it for free by trading in an old unused phone, and now I have 5G and band 71 for longer range. Although 83 Mbps inside the house is better than what I had before, the 383 Mbps outside the house is fantastic!

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              • Anonymous
              • kbH
              • 07 Jan 2022

              worse phone i ever purchased, i can't be on the phone for more than a few miuntes when it drops the calls. i've only had since aug, 2021 and i sure regret buying.

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                • Wallytex
                • g@R
                • 29 Dec 2021

                Volusia60, 05 Nov 2021Worst phone ever. I'm on my second phone and T mobile ... moreOnly had this one for a week. I cannot get group messaging to work. No one at T-Mobile knows either. Terrible!

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                  • rvv
                  • qps
                  • 18 Dec 2021

                  rvv, 14 Dec 2021The description is a bit lacking. The video camera is capab... moreNevermind. I have tested the camera and the 1080p 60fps mode is terrible. While the camera app advertises 60 fps video recording, the resulting video image flickers a lot and the fps is not stable, it varies anywhere between 59fps to 40fps, constantly dipping and going back up. 30 fps, o nthe other hand, has no flickering and the fps is around 29.8fps, with around 20.9Mbit/s bitrate. When recording using the wide angle camera (x0.5 zoom) instead of the main camera at 1080p 30fps, the resulting video has fps around 28.4fps and bitrate 51Mbit/s. Although the bitrate is much higher, I wouldn't say that the image quality is that much better than the main camera, so not sure why it's so high.

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                    • rvv
                    • qps
                    • 14 Dec 2021

                    The description is a bit lacking. The video camera is capable of recording in:
                    [2k] 2569x1440 @ 30
                    [16:9] 1920x1080 @ 60,30
                    [1:1] 1440x1440 @ 60,30
                    [Full] 2460x1080 @ 30

                    It's able to record in 1080p@60fps

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                      • snowbird
                      • I5s
                      • 10 Dec 2021

                      snowbird Great phone I really like it except for one problen. When you are on a phone call you must never rouch the screen,this will drop your call, Makes it hard for weak,handcaped or someone with large hands to complete a call without sever drops, My wife is always droping calls and blaming Tmobile to the other party when she calls back. This problem has given Tmobile a lot of bad PR. They need to turn off screen control when on calls. Yes there is a edge adjuxtment but it only helps a little.

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                        • mec
                        • Ej8
                        • 08 Dec 2021

                        Went f/ Moto G w/ Metro PCS to T-Mobile. Chose this phone for the larger screen. Calls get disconnected & getting them back is impossible. Have to call all over again which is a problem working for medical companies. Not good when kids are in the military & boot camp. 1st phone went completely dead & would not charge w/in a 24 hr period. Again-not good working in healthcare & being on call. Second phone seems to have an issue 2/ the loudness of sound. Very hard to hear others even on the highest setting. And there seems to be a possible issue w/ slow charging. We'll see. I really want a larger screen but it may not be worth this.

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                          • Getcruzn
                          • AG5
                          • 04 Dec 2021

                          Volusia60, 05 Nov 2021Worst phone ever. I'm on my second phone and T mobile ... moreI replaced the pre-installed messages app with the Google messaging app and all is well!

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                            • Cudleber
                            • qJn
                            • 03 Dec 2021

                            My parents brought me this phone for my birthday, and it's really good! A lot of the comments are unrelated or are just ppl complaining about things thats their own problems. The phone is actually really easy to use, though it does have a few issues on start up with the default settings.

                            The screen is big and I have a lot of space which I like. It holds lots of games, I'm able to play genshin and tiktok at the same time with no issues or notifs about storage space. It takes good photos too, everything comes out really clear.

                              Volusia60, 05 Nov 2021Worst phone ever. I'm on my second phone and T mobile ... moreNot getting texts from iPhone is a problem with Apple and not a problem with any particular Android phone. Many have that problem.

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                                • CJ
                                • E80
                                • 07 Nov 2021

                                rudeone79, 03 Jul 2021it has to be a tcl made phoneYeah, it's a TCL 20SE, but they took out one of the low res cameras and replaced the 4g Qualcomm SOC for the newer 5g Mediatek one.

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                                  • Volusia60
                                  • 0Yk
                                  • 05 Nov 2021

                                  Worst phone ever. I'm on my second phone and T mobile can't figure out how to get group texts to come through particularly from I phones. Sometimes they come in but most of the time they don't and when they do come in they are out of order making the conversation impossible to follow. Don't fall for this cheap phone it is absolute garbage.

                                    Don't let them talk you into trading your original Revvly 5 for this phone ! It is inferior .
                                    Lesser display pixels , lesser Camera lesser speed on the CPU !!!
                                    Sure the 5G is better at keeping connection then our first ones , but the display can't handle the games the old one could !
                                    Such a shame they chose to make their own phone brand a piece of CRAP !

                                      Anonymous, 08 Oct 2021Best $3 phone I've ever had. Worst $1000 phone I&#... moreWhat are you talking about.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • j5}
                                        • 08 Oct 2021

                                        joe nodden, 03 Jul 2021Eh. It's pretty bad but a better deal than pretty much... moreBest $3 phone I've ever had.

                                        Worst $1000 phone I've seen.

                                        Context, folks. Context.