Google updates official Android website to remove 'tablets' section [Updated]

Himanshu, 02 June 2018

Update: The 'Tablets' section is back. According to a Google employee, the disappearance of the section was due to a bug that creeped in when the site was updated.

Original story:

Google has updated the official Android website, and the 'Tablets' section is gone. So now there are only five sections on the home page, including Phones, Wear, TV, Auto, and Enterprise.



Any attempt to access the 'Tablets' page ( now results in redirection to the home page of the website.

So it's quite evident now that the company is done with tablets. And that shouldn't be surprising as users have been losing interest in tablets. According to a recent report, the tablets market touched a new low last quarter, with only only 33 million units shipped. That's a 28.2% fall on quarterly basis and 14.9% YoY.



Reader comments

I get you but I'm not saying the 835 is bad, it's just that I hate that they give us last years flagship SoC with this year's price. And then they wonder why the tablet market is going down the drain. Honestly the Tab S3 should have already release...

  • AnonD-741799
  • 05 Jun 2018
  • 3RM

You will not notice any difference of speed between Samsung S8 and S9. You can believe me, i still have both !!! All is a marketing trick. So Samsung Tab S4 with snapdragon 835 is an excellent choice if you don't want to kill your eyes in a 6" mobile...

So again a whole year old hardware with a current year price. Nope tablets are dead until oem's figure out that they are selling old hardware at crazy prices.

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