Official render gives us a look at the beautiful vivo S7

Yordan, 29 July 2020

Next week we are going to see the latest 5G smartphone - vivo S7 5G. It is said to be the thinnest device with 5G support. After yesterday’s arrival of the phone at the Chinese retailer, today the listing was completed with the first official render of the phone from the back and the color looks beautiful.

Take a look at the beautiful vivo S7 in its official render

Interestingly enough, we are yet to see the front side. According to numerous leaks, vivo is introducing a dual selfie camera hidden inside a wide notch - that’s right, the company will not pierce the AMOLED panel.

We know it will be an OLED screen and not LCD since we can clearly see the power button in the other renders, meaning the fingerprint sensor will make its way underneath the display. Also, both predecessors vivo S5 and vivo S6 5G had AMOLED, so it is a safe bet that the vivo S7 will follow suit.

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  • Anonymous

90+% of the front of the phone is just a black rectangle or wallpaper. The vast majority of the 'design' (used loosely) is on the back.

I never understand why news/reviews seem to only show pics of the back of a phone these days. Surely its the screen that people want to see?

  • correction

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