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  • Svitac
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  • 20 Nov 2022

I've had the phone for over a year now and I'm very happy with it, it offers a lot more for its price and is not a bit behind more expensive models with similar hardware...these other comments are probably caused by improper handling.

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    • Pat
    • 8ac
    • 20 Oct 2022

    Battery lost power in the first 6 month's, had to recharge mid-day. Charging port failed at 10 month's. Seemed to consume vast amounts of Data without Downloading, streaming Videos or web surfing. It resides in a desk drawer now replaced by a Samsung.

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      • qKw
      • 15 Oct 2022

      Phone will freeze or crash almost every time it's charging. Sometimes it resets itself, most often it just locks up until a hard reset. EVERY TIME IT'S CHARGING.

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        • 6Cw
        • 13 Oct 2022

        I have the tcl and I hate it. I can't hear anybody unless I'm on speaker. I bought it 9 days ago and the speaker worked great the first week. I bought it at us cellular did not get the insurance they told me to call the company they guaranteed there phones. They had me do a reset and now they say to do a factory reset I asked to speak to a manager they said they would put it in the notes and it could be up to 72 hours. This is ridiculous

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          • Jane
          • 3bm
          • 16 Sep 2022

          I have used this phone about 1 and half year, and is quite good, I never had some issues with it.The rear camera takes quite good picture.

            Does the 10L have loud internal speakers? my older ZTE from the beginning had very weak speaker and in order to hear callers I had to turn on external speaker

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              • Wiowableu
              • IWR
              • 03 Aug 2022

              Kolalano, 04 Mar 2021I just got the phone but I feel there is something wrong wi... moreI've been using tcl 10l for over a year now and since two weeks ago I've been experiencing this. Honestly so frustrated. I've used the phone for so long and it was quite alright. Now the phone takes over 6 hours for it to reach 100%. Could someone tell me how you deal with this issue!

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                • TRpL
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                • 08 Apr 2022

                I have had this phone (TCL 10L) for a little over a year now as my daily driver.
                It is a very decent phone, especially for under $180.
                My only gripes about it are:
                The daytime visibility. You have to crank it all the way up to 100%.
                And the battery. For regular use, it is very decent, but if you like to play mobile games or stream a lot of videos, you might get frustrated. This is a personal issue of mine, because it is well within the manufacturer's stated on screen battery life that it should have. So I don't feel cheated, just . . . frustrated a bit. Luckily, even though it is stated that it doesn't support fast charging, as long as you use the brick that comes with the phone, it charges up pretty quick.
                The cameras are very decent, dare I say even very good. Again . . . you want over $500 phone camera quality, go spend over $500. But if you play around with them, you will get very decent pictures, even at night (no night mode).
                But all in all, I am very happy with my purchase and strongly would consider another TCL phone in my future and would definitely recommend one. No GPS issue for me neither.

                  Anonymous, 27 Mar 2022I have also disabled "Google Location Accuracy" a... moreThank you for describing this fix. GPS has been wonky for months with location wandering around my app's map randomly. I checked all settings, even tried several compass apps to supposedly recalibrate my GPS, but nothing helped. This simple setting change fixed my issues as well. It would never occur to me to turn OFF location high accuracy setting to improve the accuracy of my phone's GPS. ;) But it did.

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                    • Y2p
                    • 27 Mar 2022

                    I have also disabled "Google Location Accuracy" and now mapping apps (Waza, Google Maps) work and track as they should. The only thing that I have noticed is that certain apps want this feature on. I always click No and the apps still seem to work as designed. Some apps will ask to turn "Google Location Accuracy" on repeatedly which is annoying. If it is turned on by accident then you will have to go back into settings and turn it back off. I have noticed that the GPS tracking doesn't recover immediately and have tried a number of things. Restarting the phone seems to help most times. When this first happend, I entertained sending the phone in for service/repair as it seemed like a hardware issue. TCL was no help at all as their Tech Support was under the impression that it was an issue that needed to be resolved by sending it in. They wanted me to send my phone in leaving me with oout a phone for weeks, maybe months. They should stick to making TV's as the TCL TV I have works better than my phone. Disable "Google Location Accuracy" until a fix comes out. I personally would not recommend sending the phone in to TCL. Thank you to the user that figued out the fix as I rely on the GPS often.

                      Anonymous, 26 Nov 2021Seriously the camera is good until no EIS/OIS? Everything ... moreit has eis...

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                        • k2L
                        • 22 Jan 2022

                        Anonymous, 12 Jan 2022Right, disable "Google Location Accuracy" solves ... moreSame issue on tcl 20 pro 5g. Turning off Google location accuracy fixes GPS issues.

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                          • rRU
                          • 12 Jan 2022

                          Right, disable "Google Location Accuracy" solves the issue of GPS being completely not reliable on TCL10l

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                            • rbX
                            • 12 Jan 2022

                            TS, 10 Jan 2022I had the same issue and spent lots of time to find out a w... moreThank you so much for that tip. I believe my GPS accuracy is now fixed after disabling the "Google Location Accuracy." Neither the Amazon help agents nor TCL tech agents were able to help me with that. In fact, they all told me, "Make sure to have google location accuracy turned on." It is very ironic. What is funny is the Tech agent told me that there was an issue with the "SUPL servers" or something with A-GPS. But when I asked about figuring out how to disable the A-GPS and just rely on GPS, they replied with, "You can try returning your phone."
                            I will wait for a few more days and continue to test the GPS to make sure it remains accurate after disabling Google Location Accuracy. So far it seems to be working.

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                              • rM4
                              • 10 Jan 2022

                              Waiting 4phonehelp, 30 Dec 2021I do have to say, I just purchased a 10l and am having GPS ... moreI had the same issue and spent lots of time to find out a way to get around. I sent back the phone to TCL and they just reset the phone and install the latest software. It has no help at all. Same issue occurred. The solution is to turn off "Google Location Accuracy". Go to Settings / Location / Advanced / Google Location Accuracy -- Switch to "Off". Then restart your phone if you don't use "GPS Status App" to reset "A-GPS state" Data. Worked for me and never turn on the Google Location Accuracy again.

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                                • ILT
                                • 06 Jan 2022

                                I've had this phone a few months. Icons keep moving, system keeps turning apps on and off with no notice. I feel like I have no control over what it does or doesn't do. Will be replacing asap.

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                                  • fordmustang
                                  • yiP
                                  • 04 Jan 2022

                                  I have had TCL 10L for a few months. Good overall but glitch sometimes needing a restart. My key issue is the microphone does not appear that great, especially when phone is more that a foot away from audio source

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                                    • rbX
                                    • 30 Dec 2021

                                    Observation2021, 16 Sep 2021 Was your phone lying on the seat? If so blame yourself for... moreI do have to say, I just purchased a 10l and am having GPS issues of accuracy from 12.4ft (4 meters, my highest accuracy on clear skies outside and sometimes indoors/car as well) to 455ft (not going to calculate the meters there, but its more than 100, and this is without obstruction). I have reset phone, restarted GPS, enabled improved google location services, calibrated compass, disabled battery saver, and utilized GPS fix apps. My old cheap lumias and old samsung galaxy j3 had super accurate GPS compared to the 10l (perhaps it is because they included GLONASS, even though they cost less than 100). Perhaps having just GPS and A-GPS has an average accuracy of 12 meters over the span of 12 hours. Perhaps it is an issue with Android 10, or perhaps my GPS receiver is faulty and I need a replacement. Waiting to hear back from the seller, I'm afraid I may need to exchange.

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                                      • 11 Dec 2021

                                      Tc93, 18 Sep 2021These phones aren't spying on you. ALL these phones a... moreim very glad to hear/belive that :/

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                                        • qT@
                                        • 26 Nov 2021

                                        Seriously the camera is good until no EIS/OIS? Everything else is good.