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  • HXa
  • 12 Aug 2022

Bought new TCL 30+ online - problems from the getgo. Screen would go black, phone would turn itself off without notice, constantly lose the BluTooth streaming Link, finally crashed completely two months down the track. Online purchase company have refunded the cost. TCL - warranty support - non-existent.

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    • Mathew
    • ter
    • 01 Aug 2022

    Engineer 1, 26 Jul 2022It is what exactly some people like to see Good scree... moreHey Realme 8 is far better than this phone.It has a gaming chipset which can play any game smoothly with ultra hd settings.So of you are looking for a good gaming phone in this price range then Realme 8 is a good choice :)

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      • Engineer 1
      • 3Ry
      • 26 Jul 2022

      Anonymous, 16 Mar 2022Tried one of these at a store. First impressions: - Displa... moreIt is what exactly some people like to see
      Good screen, good memory, good camera, excellent battery and average CPU which allows you to work 2 full days without problem. If I want gaming phone I will look at different phones.
      Some people forget that higher CPU power, higher screen resolution, higher Hz etc. will eat your battery really quicker even if it is about 5000.
      So yes, this work horse is welcome to market. I'll buy it.

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        • niroshan
        • v{u
        • 22 Jun 2022

        Why without gorilla glass

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          • Crecks
          • tA$
          • 18 May 2022

          DaMoneyOh, 22 Mar 2022I not sure about the chipset being mediatekYa I heard of course 🤔

          MTK6 ever maintenance because Dimensity U. Promise for sign every comments 🤔

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            • Anonymous
            • wY5
            • 12 May 2022

            It's like a flagship killer with down syndrome

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              • Anonymous
              • p37
              • 01 May 2022

              Anonymous, 16 Mar 2022Tried one of these at a store. First impressions: - Displa... moreYou wish! LG were actually very good and bold,

              TCL is just another player with neat screens but rubbish mobiles

              220€ for an Hélio G37 is a steal.

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                • DaMoneyOh
                • UGk
                • 22 Mar 2022

                I not sure about the chipset being mediatek

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                  • Anonymous
                  • 6sT
                  • 16 Mar 2022

                  Tried one of these at a store. First impressions:
                  - Display is excellent, I would say an outstanding AMOLED for this price point;
                  - The phone is beautiful, very well built and feels light in the hand;
                  - TCL UI continues to improve in the right direction, being very debloated and similar to stock Android, with several extra features which are quite useful. Feels easy to use, and looks good;
                  - Main camera: from what I could try, average. There's some oversharpening, but it's acceptable for the class.

                  - Display looks awesome but no 90Hz!! (come on TCL);
                  - Last year you launched a Plus model with 6GB of RAM, now downgraded to 4? Why?
                  - Still the same 18W charging from 3 years ago
                  And finally:
                  - Mediatek Helio G37? This is a joke, this phone costs more than 200€, and this is a basic chipset. It powers a FULL HD+ screen, so ofc during my test, it felt sluggish opening apps, multitasking and even scrolling through settings.

                  Seriously TCL, I liked your first 2 years in the mobile business post-Alcatel, but now you are staying behind against the competition which keeps launching improved devices with more cutting-edge technology for lower prices.

                  I hope TCL won't be the next LG, but I see them going exactly in the same way.

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                    • Anyipower
                    • Nu6
                    • 12 Mar 2022

                    I want to buy

                      Yext, 27 Feb 2022Why make this a separate phone from the TCL 30 when the onl... moreYou summed everything I had to say about this

                        • Yext
                        • 6mM
                        • 27 Feb 2022

                        Why make this a separate phone from the TCL 30 when the only difference is the storage? Either way if priced a lot lower this could be good but the Helio P35 is really underpowered for the price.