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phantom 9 is the best tecno phone of the year if you'll ask me

I have had Phantom 9 the last one month, these are some of the things which may help you consider either to buy or not to buy Phantom 9. I will start with the cons: First, it comes with Android 9.0 (Pie) which is cannot be upgraded. Secondly, its Amoled screen shows over saturated photos & Videos and does not give correct white color. For pure white it appears creamish (my biggest concern as a photographer) and for shades of blue it tend to go green. Yellow is really off. If you are a photographer or designer, you cannot use this to show clients your products since the colors will really be off. Thirdly, its Corning Gorilla glass 3 is not strong enough (even Oppo A37 my second which is lower and cheaper has better screen) Fourthly, its pre-installed launcher HiOS is full of adverts (very disappointing) I had to download and pay for a another launcher. Fifthly, its battery (though not as bad as I initially feared) is only 3500 MaH and not fast charging. But it serves me fairly well with moderate browsing and countless calls during the day. Sixth, the screen is not bright enough under natural light (sunlight). Seventh, its pre-installed sms app is very bad. I had to replace it immediately
Pros: The 6GB RAM is good 128GB internal memory enough for most basic users plus it has dedicated slot to expand the memory upto 1TB (I love it). The front camera (despite color problem I mentioned above) is good enough especially in outdoor photos. Under low-light its not the best but it delivers. It has a split-screen feature which I have come to love for example, I can continue watching a -tube video as I sms or browse using a different app.
In conclusion, for its price, you get value for money especially with RAM and camera. But if you are keen to details like color and smoothness, you will find it wanting and you will soon get tired trying to install other apps to replace the ones that came with the phone.

  • Larry

Elias, 24 Oct 2019I bought the phantom 9 early last month. I was torn between Phan... moreDid bought Oppo F11 without having total knowledge about it only to find it has no specific SD card slot.

  • Elias

I bought the phantom 9 early last month. I was torn between Phantom 9 and Oppo F11 but I opted half-heartedly for the Phantom 9 coz of 2 major factors one being that it has dedicated slot for memory card unlike oppo which has shared slot for either twin sim or to expand memory. I had to sacrifice the battery size as well since Oppo has bigger and fast charging unlike Phantom 9. What I like since I bought it: Camera is good especially outdoor photos are clear and detailed. The fact that its a twin SIM and still has dedicated slot for memory card.
what I don't like: first its screen is not bright enough outdoors. before this phone I was using Oppo A37 and even outdoor was very good even outdoor. Secondly the color balance in Phantom 9 is not good. Especially for colour white and blue. It gives you a different shade of white which has overall effect on other colors. If you are keen to true colors, this phone is not for you. The HiOS launcher that comes with the phone is so basic and despite coming as default launcher from manufacturer, it has ads which keep popping up unceremoniously. I had to download several others before settling for Nova launcher pro. browsing and download speed not the best...but not annoying. The battery life, despite being 3500, is not very bad. At least it carries m through the day till evening with moderate browsing and I do make lots of calls in a day. Charging speed from 10% to 100% in around 90min.
Conclusion. My biggest downside with the phone is the color balance and this I am made to understand is coz of the Amoled screen. Also, many apps which come pre-installed, even the sms app, launcher, contact app I had to pre install them. But if you are not a keep to details as I am, it will serve you just right
Conclusion. For a basic phone user, you will not

  • Anonymous

Norah C, 13 Oct 2019Actually, there are, the difference is that Phantom 9 has a sing... moreDoes phantom 9 have 8gb ram

Anonymous, 15 Jul 2019the price of this device 200$ equal with Mi cc9e, sd665, 48Mp, ... moreThis is the kind of comment I like to read ^^

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2019There is no other smartphone with such amazing features at sub 1... moreActually, there are, the difference is that Phantom 9 has a single version with 6GB of RAM, cheaper phones like Realme ones has multiple versions starting at 4GB of RAM and you only have to pay a bit more for the better versions with 6/8GB of RAM and more storage capacity. But early before, there was released the Camon 11 Pro, a cheaper smartphone, also, starting at 6GB of RAM

  • Anonymous

J-L , 11 Oct 2019I think Tecno should have increased the battery capacity to 4000... morethe camera is surprisingly wack i mean I never expected this from tecno making phones like camon very sharp while the phatoms are so so blur in camera. trust me guys the tecno phatom 9 is a poor thing or conclusion to buy....

  • Anonymous

I think the battery capacity is the same as the one for Samsung S9+. The other specifications are the same as those of Samsung A50. That's sums up Tecno phantom 9. It's a great phone at a very cheap price. Tecno cameras have always been great... So no complaints! Enjoy the mixture of both S9+ and A50.

  • J-L

I think Tecno should have increased the battery capacity to 4000 + mAh . But I do understand that Tecno has just imitated the battery capacity of Samsung S9+ which is also 3500mAh. But I mostly appreciate Tecno phantom 9 for it's storage capacity at very cheap price. I hope they will increase the battery capacity of the future model that will come. Tecno Cameras have always impressed me, so there is no complaints in that area.

  • Anonymous

The phone keeps on freezing,,,I wonder y

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Sep 2019fantastic both camera and memorySure, that's remarkable

  • Mj

Anonymous, 26 Sep 2019i love it.. Good enough but i prefer iphone 11:D:D:D

  • Anonymous

how much it is please

  • Anonymous

fantastic both camera and memory

  • Anonymous

i love it.. Good enough but i prefer iphone 11

  • Jamecy

It's Still My Best

  • Anonymous

THE FORGIVEN, 12 Sep 2019I am now confused. Between Tecno camon 11 pro and Tecno phantom ... moreboth are good i prefer 11pro and 64GB but for memory go for p9 128GB

  • Proffy

THE FORGIVEN, 12 Sep 2019I am now confused. Between Tecno camon 11 pro and Tecno phantom ... moreBoth are good. 11 pro is better

  • Me

THE FORGIVEN, 12 Sep 2019I am now confused. Between Tecno camon 11 pro and Tecno phantom ... moreGo with the camon 11 pro it has good battery life and the performance is also on point