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  • 02 Aug 2021

Mr Zhu, 04 Jul 2004Hello every one ,Our company had lots of T919 Cell in China... moreDo you still have the Telme T919 available?

    Is this a touchscreen?

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      • AnonD-396999
      • an9
      • 18 May 2015

      Having problem with battery could any one tell me were i can get one from.
      thank you
      G Ventham

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        • Anonymous
        • utY
        • 12 Nov 2009

        how can i get the configuration settings for vodafone live

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          • Jenny
          • PUd
          • 28 Dec 2008

          shirley mcdonald, 20 Feb 2008does any one have a manual to this phone..We have had the phone turned off during a house move, now we need to know how to turn it back on

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            • Miksa
            • SqB
            • 29 Oct 2008

            given to someone able to help me about resetting t919? How it back to factory settings.

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              • shirley mcdonald
              • 4P6
              • 20 Feb 2008

              does any one have a manual to this phone..

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                • Bayu
                • wra
                • 08 Jun 2007

                hi..i have this mobile since 2003, all the system working very great till right now but i have trouble that the screen light/LCD light has been off...i really love this mobile but now i can't use it anymore? =o(

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                  • Anonymous
                  • PFM
                  • 01 Sep 2006

                  Anybody hav de user manual of this fone i lost mine this fone is grate

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                    • segun
                    • mix
                    • 08 Aug 2006

                    pls, I just collect T919 from my Brother but the manual had been lost which make it difficult for me to use the phone adequately.Hence, pls, send me a copy of the phone manual or guide to help me to adequately use the good looking phone.

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                      • Gozie
                      • T3m
                      • 18 Jul 2006

                      my t919i disappointed me,the screen hangs when one calls u its hard for u to pick,the worst of it is that the power goes off.
                      i dont just know i am tired of the phone

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                        • mohammad
                        • TuF
                        • 04 Jun 2006

                        t919 is good.How do I get the driver for the computer to recognise the USB port so I can save, and also i cant recieve or send anything from my phone to other phones, how do i get the correct software to run the programme. i cant even record anything on my phone. please if there is anyone that knows anything or anywhere i can get these informations please done hesitate to mail me so i can know whats up next....

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                          • Marcel
                          • ScT
                          • 06 Apr 2006

                          It is OK.

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                            • blaze
                            • m{n
                            • 27 Mar 2006

                            I had this phone!!!
                            I definately had this damn phone.
                            I wish TelMe was not bankrupt. SO I COULD SUE THEM.
                            What the hell did they think they were doing making this phone and advertising it the way they did with those bogus specs.
                            Let me list a few sins of TelMe:
                            1. Crappy Camera
                            2. MMC Card reader dont work
                            3. MP3 Player?, Yeah right,Please
                            4. The body of the fone is more fragile than a new born baby.
                            5. This fone hangs more than a washing lady.
                            6. Battery REALLY SUCKS
                            7. I doesnt even call well, low talk time
                            8. I'd rather DIE, than allow me or anyone i know to buy a TelMe product.
                            It has a bright screen though, useful as a torchlight/lamp.

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                              • dare ogunyemi
                              • b9c
                              • 25 Jan 2006

                              t919 is great, but d one i bought has calibration problem and is do one correct dis error or problems

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                                • ogunyemi oludare
                                • b9c
                                • 24 Jan 2006

                                d fone has a unque design but my has a calibration problem and it is hanging. i have tried screen calibration and emmergency reset to no avail. someone pls help, am in love with the fone but its performance for now is just zero. bought it november 2005, never enjoyed it.

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                                  • richie
                                  • ndH
                                  • 26 Nov 2005

                                  pls. can anyone help me my phone T919 cameras does not functioning

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                                    • harshit parekh
                                    • 2S}
                                    • 15 Nov 2005

                                    I got this T1919 model from my brother on my bithday in packed condition. When i try to use it in India. It start using it the software does not support it and suddenly one day it gets switch off and now its not working, even i can't able to switch on this model.I am wondering why this happen to my mobile as i used most products of nokia and sony. As a wel known company i try to serch the customer support service but unable to find it from anywhere. The websit is blocked no contact details left.Please advise me what to do in this matter. Anybody can giud me? if yes please inform me on my mail address Harshit parekh

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                                      • dele
                                      • S4{
                                      • 20 Oct 2005

                                      t919 is simply fantastic,very functional.Pls how can I get the camera going it crashes each time I try to use it

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                                        • Anup
                                        • P$x
                                        • 27 Sep 2005

                                        Please anybody help to get the spare speaker for my 919i. i bought it april 2005 and after 1 month the speakers were out and all these days i have been busy searching for a service center in Bangalore. the address they provided with 919i was a fake one and i cannot sell this thing as it has got the audio problems.

                                        Please let me know if anyone knows where can i find spares for my 919i.