The 64MP tele camera of the Galaxy S20 is for 8K video, not 4-in-1 binning

Ivan, 29 January 2020

It seems the 64MP S5KGW2 sensor that will be used as a zoom camera in the Galaxy S20 and S20+ will not produce pixel-binned 4-in-1 16MP photos. Instead it will use plain old cropping to achieve zoomed-in shots.

Additionally it will offer 8K video support, likely 8K@30fps.

We've seen specs sheets that suggest that the Galaxy S20/S20+ will offer 3x optical zoom out of the 64MP S5KGW2 sensor (about which we have no official info) and up to 30x digital zoom. Now it looks like the zoom will be of the lossless variety as it will crop actual pixels from the sensor.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra will have a 48MP IMX586 periscope camera with 10x optical zoom and up to 100x digital zoom. It's also expected to gain the new 108MP S5KHM1 sensor that promises 12MP snaps from a 9-in-1 binning process.

Early rumors suggest that the Galaxy S20/S20+ will not get that main snapper either.


Reader comments

  • Niki
  • 08 Nov 2020
  • mtj

That didn't age well

  • S Yu
  • 04 Feb 2020
  • wk1

Currently I couldn't think of any compression algorithm that creates sharpening-halo-like artifacts, much less frame interpolation, which doesn't do anything to subjects that remain entirely static across frames, like the background treeline. Assumin...

iPhone 11 Pro Max CANNOT record slow mo in 720p. You can switch the frame rate between 120 and 240fps in the settings but the resolution is fixed at 1080p. As for the "sharpening" artifacts you mentioned, that could be caused by anything - on-device ...

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