The Galaxy Z Fold6 will have a smaller crease, photo teases new camera island design

Peter, 21 May 2024

Leakster Ice Universe shared some details about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6. The phone will have a less visible crease on the internal display and will have a redesigned camera island.

Recent reports indicate that the Galaxy Z Flip6 will also have a smaller crease, they attribute that to a thicker UTG – going from 30µm to 50µm will make the crease less pronounced, apparently. The reports also state that the hinge design is the same as last year, though a redesign is coming with the Z Flip7.

Anyway, Samsung may have used the same approach for the Z Fold6 too. The new model will reportedly be substantially thinner and lighter, which might not leave room for a hinge redesign.

(Alleged) Galaxy Z Fold6 camera close-up Galaxy Z Fold5 camera
(Alleged) Galaxy Z Fold6 camera close-up • Galaxy Z Fold5 camera

Moving on to the camera, Ice shared a close-up of one of the lenses, which now has a ring with a grooved texture around it. The Z Fold5 has only a small metal ring around lenses.

This allegedly shows the Galaxy Z Fold5, but that is supposed to have the same cameras as the Z Fold6. It’s the Galaxy Z Fold6 Ultra that is supposed to bring upgrades like the 200MP ISOCELL HP2 sensor (the same used in the S23 Ultra and S24 Ultra).

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 (however many of them there are), the Z Flip6 and other new gadgets are expected to be unveiled in early July.

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Go read reddit posts of the OnePlus open owners having the screen breaking in just a month or two. Considering the Open is more expensive than the Fold with 3rd rate components and software, yeah I stand my case. Oppo price premium is to pay influenc...

Not within 1 month or 2. And most complaints were from earlier Gen of the Folds, after almost a year or two. Big difference. I have yet to see major complaints of the Fold/Flip 5 series. Considering Samsung received MIL certification for their fol...

It's nothing different if you go to Samsung subreddits and go to Z Fold/Flip-related posts. So many problems related to screen after short amount of time.

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