The Samsung Galaxy S10 durability test video pops up

Ro, 01 March 2019

As expected, shortly after the launch of the new Galaxy S10, durability tests started to pop up on YouTube. JerryRigEverything is one of the first channels to do it in its own unique way. And the video had some interesting findings.

For instance, the watertight seals are now purple. Okay, maybe not that exciting but perhaps you'd be interested in the under-display fingerprint reader and how it holds up when the screen is damaged.

Since the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner works in a different way compared to the optic ones, one would expect that it wouldn't be bothered by the scratches. It fires up high-frequency sound waves that bounce off your fingertip grooves instead of taking a "photo" of your fingertip like optic scanners do.

And this is how it played out in the first scratch test - the fingerprint reader worked flawlessly. However, with deeper grooves or even cracks, the ultrasonic fingerprint reader refused to work. Whereas the optic sensors appear to be more reliable in this scenario. You might have to re-train it so it will take into account the scratches/cracks on the screen.

We are still in the beginning of the in-display fingerprint tech development so we would have to wait a little bit longer and see which technology will prevail in the end - optic or ultrasonic.


Reader comments

I wouldn't say narcissistic, I'd say quite disdainful of certain companies and stubborn

My dude, there weren't any smartphones in the 1900s. Thus, it didn't take 30 years for them to get to number one

Hahahaha. Exactly my thought! He's always disappointed hahaha. Such a narcissistic person

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