The Nexus 4 is getting some CyanogenMod love with 14.1 nightly builds

Victor, 26 November 2016

If you are the type of person, who tends to form attachments to particular tech and don't really feel like moving on or upgrading regularly, then chances are you have already found your perfect phone years back and are still with it.

If that is the case and taking into account you are currently on a tech-centric site, chances are you are familiar witch CyanogenMod and might even be running the custom OS. Then, you will also be happy to hear that despite the recent calamities over at Cyanogen Inc., the dedicated custom ROM group is still alive and well and constantly expanding its device reach.

The team appears to currently be working mostly on CyanogenMod 14.1, which is based on the bleeding-edge Android 7.1 Nougat. Their dedication must really run deep, as nightly builds will soon be available for the four-year-old LG Nexus 4 (mako) as well. In the meantime, there is an experimental build already up and you can also get said software for a few other devices:

If you are not in the know, however, it is worth noting that, like the name suggests, nightly builds come out on a daily basis and contain all the code the CyanogenMod team has been working on up until that point. That makes them inherently unstable and susceptible to bugs. That being said, if you plan on updating your main handset, you might be better off waiting for a stable release down the road. And another quick note to any Nexus 5 users wondering about the CAF notation in the list. It is there to indicate that only units running on a Qulcomm sourced CAF kernel can install the ROM. If that raises more questions than it answers, a quick Google search for "AOSP vs CAF" will likely clear things up.

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 28 Nov 2016
  • qpX

So CM 14.1 official comes out for Mako, HammerheadCAF, and Nexus phones above but not for regular Hammerhead. What gives why have they not given normal Hammerhead an official release. I run a non CAF version of Hammerhead and have been waiting for an...

  • Anonym
  • 27 Nov 2016
  • Lc2

And we also have a pretty large list of officially support CM devices that, somewhere along the line, stopped being supported. Some of them much more powerful than Nicki, E975 for instance. Never take CM for granted -- IT'S NOT.

  • OnlyTech
  • 27 Nov 2016
  • t7k

I had that idea....when I installed CyanogenMod\AOKP on my first Android phone...and understood how useful custom roms can be even on an outdated phone. The obvious thing I was looking to start that business.....people can come and get their phone in...

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