The Pixel 8's Tensor G3 will run cooler than the G2

Ivan, 12 September 2023

The Tensor G3 chip, which is reportedly made by Samsung and is based on its Exynos 2400, could be the first Samsung Foundry chip to incorporate FO-WLP (Fan-out wafer-level packaging) packaging. This enhanced wafer-level packaging will, in theory, allow for better efficiency, improved graphics performance, and more energy being saved.

FO-WLP has been used by Qualcomm and MediaTek, but this is supposedly the first time Samsung Foundry is using the tech.

The Pixel 8's Tensor G3 will run cooler than the G2

The 4nm Tensor G3 will be inside the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro and will have a 9-core CPU - one Cortex-X3 prime core, four Cortex-A715s, and four Cortex-A510s. For graphics, it will use the 10-core Arm Immortalis G715 GPU - up from the 7-core G710.

The Pixel 8 series will arrive on October 4.


Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 06 Oct 2023
  • 0Uc

Amen, brother. Never understood the "burning" passion for Apple.

"My Pixel 7a and its G2 die after 2 hrs of screen time." LOL such a boldface lie. oooh you're "leaving them for apple". ok and? nobody cares what an apple fanboi making up anti-tensor, anti-google stories does. don't let...

  • Anonymous
  • 18 Sep 2023
  • jgj

and google doesnt make great hardware either but charges equally the same price as other brands

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