The Realme GT will cost €550 in Europe

Peter, 07 June 2021

Realme slipped up and accidentally revealed the European price for the Realme GT 5G. No, it’s not €400, the real price is €550. This is for the 12/256 GB version, available only in Racing Yellow (China also received a more affordable 8/128 GB variant).

Okay, so that’s pricier than initially hoped, but this will still make the GT the cheapest Snapdragon 888-powered smartphone in Europe.

The Realme GT 5G page that appeared on Realme's EU site The Realme GT 5G page that appeared on Realme's EU site

The page on (now removed) notes that the phone will be shipped only to Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Portugal. But that’s a limitation of the online store, other Realme models have similar restrictions. It should be fairly easy to find someone to re-ship the phone for you within the EU or a local retailer in other countries in the zone.

A few days ago CEO Madhav Sheth tweeted that the Realme GT will be available globally (including India and Thailand) this month with a camera-focused flagship set to follow in July. Unfortunately, the product page for the GT did not list the exact date when shipments will begin.

By the way, a few days ago we received a Realme GT 5G unit to review, so our detailed examination is coming soon.



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  • Woohoo

Thanks for the upvote/recognition

  • Woohoo

I too prefer a mSD slot but am willing to sacrifice it if the phone has USB 3.0 or if I can get a better SoC for the price (the exact reason I bought my Z2 Plus even if it only has 64GB non-expandable, but at least the OS takes up

  • peter

If its realme eur 100 is the real retaol price.

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