There won't be a Moto Z4 Force or Moto Z4 Play

Vlad, 31 May 2019

Motorola has officially confirmed that the Moto Z4 is the only Moto Z device that will be available this year. That means there won't be a Z4 Play, or a Z4 Force. The former is more surprising, because last year we did get a Moto Z3 Play alongside the Z3, but the latter was pretty much expected, since there was no Z3 Force in 2018 either. The last Force-branded Moto was the Z2 from 2017.

Motorola is thus simplifying its lineup, which is probably a good thing overall, despite how it might make die-hard fans of the Force or Play editions feel. For now, it looks like Motorola is content to stick to the lower-end and mid-range echelons of the smartphone market, and not launch a true flagship handset powered by the Snapdragon 855. That will further cement its image as a value champion, and the decision might be for the best given how previous Moto flagship did, sales-wise.

Then again, it might just use different branding for its 2019 flagship, if it does in fact launch one in the end. Perhaps the Z series, with its implied support for MotoMods, simply was too confining for the likes of a true high-end Moto device. We'll have to wait and see.



Reader comments

  • Wrong Bigly
  • 12 Jun 2019
  • g%E

675 is more powerful and efficient than old Z2 processor bro. Years newer.

  • joevanelly
  • 07 Jun 2019
  • fmg

A Moto Z phone without a shatterproof screen is not a moto Z phone.. after seeing that it doesnt have a shatterproof screen am now considering other phones ...cos lets face the shatterproof screen made it stand out from the other phones...cos in term...

that makes me thinking that they did pretty much the opposite when they released the Moto X2 (2014). It was a high end with a medium end price.

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