There won't be a Moto Z4 Force or Moto Z4 Play

31 May 2019
Official confirmation comes from Motorola itself.

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  • Wrong Bigly

Vicente Machado, 03 Jun 2019The only thing I would change on my Z2 Force would be the b... more675 is more powerful and efficient than old Z2 processor bro. Years newer.

  • joevanelly

A Moto Z phone without a shatterproof screen is not a moto Z phone.. after seeing that it doesnt have a shatterproof screen am now considering other phones ...cos lets face the shatterproof screen made it stand out from the other phones...cos in terms of battery and processor there are better phone.......MOTOROLA GUYS SEAT UP

Anonymous, 01 Jun 2019Moto strategy: lower-end and mid-ranger with flaghship pricethat makes me thinking that they did pretty much the opposite when they released the Moto X2 (2014). It was a high end with a medium end price.

The only thing I would change on my Z2 Force would be the bezels and some extra battery inside. It's more powerful than the Z4 and it got a shatterproof screen. It's my second Z. I had an original Z Play before. I love the Mods, I've got the projector, the gaming pad and the extra battery/Digital TV combo (I use it mainly for the battery and sometimes for the stand on the back).

  • Anonymous

Too bad the Z4 Force won't be available; I got a Z2 Force and is the one of the best phones I ever had.

  • Anonymous

They should definitely drop the Z series. Mods don´t make any sense, they simply don´t sell...How many years more will take to Motorola realize that?

That should do what they do best, the G series. The one series now makes a good step in the right direction. ok not to use flagship sOCs, but please use better sOCs snapdragons, or at least current sOSc , not chips from last year or two years....

  • Anonymous

Joe, 02 Jun 2019Well, that sucks... I was planning to go for the Z4 Force b... moreBeen waiting z4 force 855 with 4000mah, killer spec like z2 force.
Hopefully v4 come wth SD855

  • Joe

Well, that sucks... I was planning to go for the Z4 Force but now I might need to have a second look at the Z2 Force instead.

So no Moto with SD855 what a shame.
I am not happy.

  • Ali

No Motorola, you must collaborate with some good OEM instead of Lenovo, it has already ruined your image and gradually dragging you to the disaster level :(

  • jerry

Moto Z Play made me a Motorola fan for a while. I still use it (best phone I ever had). Unfortunately, Moto Z4 is not a value champion. For $500 you get a midrange chip and mostly that weird lip with mods since they don't fit the phone properly anymore. Z4 shouldn't cost more than $350

  • Anonymous

Leno ruin motorola, put SD855 on leno Z6 but cancel on motorola, hello!!!
Pls ask apple buy motorola, great software match great hardware

stanley77, 01 Jun 2019And of course You forgot yet Oneplus 7 and OP 7 pro we can ... moreLenovo owns Motorola by the way, so the Lenovo Z6 Pro you just mentioned is invalidated, as it technically isn't a competitor, and it's more so of another product from the same company. Whether if you buy that or the Moto, all the profits go to Lenovo.

Disappointed. Was waiting for a flagship smartphone from Moto with the shatter shield. I have the X Force and the Z2 Force and was waiting for the Z4 Force

  • Anonymous

Motorola or Lenovo... Why not you manufacturer Flagship spec phone which does not need to use Moto Mod and with reasonable price?

Hoser, 01 Jun 2019Isn't it more accurate to say that there won't be a flagshi... moreTrue,
Btw the way gsmarena: you need to update your mobile view website as it is becoming old, I can't give this man an upvote through mobile version.

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Walter C. Dornez, 01 Jun 2019@Whackcar Riperonis dude, seems we're not getting a succ... moreThe Moto brand is officially irrelevant to me now. There was absolutely no need to kill the Force brand. It had a unique feature & had a exclusive appeal to it.

I guess all good things must come to an end... Good thing i kept my old Z2 Force as a spare phone though.

  • Anonymous

I guess they can't make the new razr popular as well...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jun 2019To be fair this is a pretty good option for new Verizon use... moreIs that the retail price at Best Buy or do you have to sign up for a Verizon plan over there?

  • Ahmed Barakat

well that means its time to leave motorola and look for new brand ... and that means also i need to sell the moto mods i invested in following the companies promise that they moto z will stay high end and mid range for at least 3 generations