Alleged Galaxy S8 running Windows 10 Mobile appears

Ivan, 16 May 2017

It's been awhile since Windows 10 Mobile (or just Windows 10, on a phone) has made any sort of headlines, but this is a very interesting bit.

A few leaked images of a Samsung Galaxy S8 running Windows 10 will surely spark the few remaining fans' interest.

Alleged Galaxy S8 running Windows 10 Mobile Alleged Galaxy S8 running Windows 10 Mobile Alleged Galaxy S8 running Windows 10 Mobile
Alleged Galaxy S8 running Windows 10 Mobile

The images are of poor quality and could very well prove fake - it's easy to just snap a screenshot of Windows 10 mobile and slap it onto an Android phone. Then again the virtual onscreen buttons coincide with Windows and not Android.

The three images show the live tile-filled homescreen, the settings menu and the store homepage.

It seems unlikely that Samsung will release a Galaxy S8 version with Windows 10, but perhaps an overly eager developer will manage to port Microsoft's platform. It probably won't be good for much more than scratching a very geeky itchy, but it's still going to be interesting.

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Reader comments

  • AnonD-23827
  • 07 Jan 2018
  • 6BN

S8 that rectangular poo. I don’t understand what’s the hype as two of my friends have the s8 plus and its plain old android with samsung bloat, which i detest for some reason and doesn’t matter how hard i try to use it its just boring and full of blo...

  • Ravi
  • 22 Jul 2017
  • NpH

Microsoft.. get rid of that stupid live tiles as your main home screen and make the OS simple.. then u might gain some market share

  • harukaze87
  • 21 May 2017
  • LfS

If Samsung had some deal with MS, they would've used a Galaxy A or C to put W10 on. Otherwise they would wait for W10 or ARM as the Store will have more desktop apps brought via project Centennial

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