Samsung's Galaxy S10 trio and foldable phone detailed in insider report

Ivan, 26 October 2018

Samsung's plans for the early part of 2019 have been detailed by company insiders, who spoke to Bloomberg.

The report reveals that Samsung is working on three Galaxy S10 devices, one of which could be a 5G-ready phone, and planning to finally show off its new foldable smartphone.

The Galaxy S10 lineup will consist of three phones. A 5.8-inch Galaxy S10 with dual-curved AMOLED screen, triple cameras on the back (regular, ultra-wide and telephoto), in-display fingerprint scanner and an under the display selfie camera. The Plus model will be essentially the same, but with a larger display.

The entry-level Galaxy S10 will have a flat AMOLED display and will likely get a side-mounted fingerprint scanner. The report doesn't mention cameras but we expect this cheaper Galaxy S10 to have a single camera on the back.

As for Samsung's foldable smartphone, the report states that Samsung will be looking to dominate a niche market with potential to grow - no company currently offers a foldable-screen phone, although Huawei is hoping to deliver one soon.

The foldable phone was supposed to be shown this year but that seems unlikely at this point.

Finally the insider report claims that Samsung is mulling over ditching the headphone jack but it may push the decision further back.



Reader comments

  • Khan Jee
  • 30 Oct 2018
  • g30

Samsung has been filling me all requirements except infrared sensor, I aspect in Note 10 will be with infrared

True, though you gotta admit, the forget is pretty damn funny if you say it in your head a few times

  • AnonD-732843
  • 28 Oct 2018
  • 0p}

Excellent recommendations to help Samsung see the bigger picture. Plenty more similar ones on my end but unfortunately Samsung doesn't see us as required talent or they would have gone out of their way to hire us... Sadly, Samsung rather divert ...

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