T-Mobile G1 coming to continental Europe by the end of the month

20 Jan, 2009

The first Android-based phone T-Mobile G1 is just about to be released in several European countries, according to an official by Deutsche Telekom spokesman. Initially released in October, the G1 was only available in the US and UK so far.

According to the T-Mobile CEO, Hamid Akhavan, the G1 will hit the shelves by 30 January in the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Austria. Germany and Poland will follow a bit later on (2 February).

Combined with a two-year T-Mobile contract the G1 will only cost 1 euro in Germany. There is yet no information about the pricing of the handset in the other European countries of the second wave.

We remind you that the T-Mobile G1 costs 179 US dollars with a two-year contract in the United States.

In the same time, T-Mobile UK offers the G1 for free when you enter into a year-and-a-half contract for a 40GBP monthly plan.


Reader comments

  • Andrej

Great phone, but the overall quality of the device (plastic casing that is soft, the way you are opening the device in order to get to the keyboard, which can break/malfunction over time) is not so great. I'm a bit surprised, since HTC is actually pr...

  • Shinigami

It isn't the best phone made but it's the best open source os capability to duet all of expensive Os solutions for mobile. The G1 isn't a best to have but it's a good phone. For me it's a solution for geekaholic.... ^^

  • Anonymous

Phones developed out of the US of A are technologically backwards (not feature rich for example the IPhone still cannot forward messages)??? The us telecom market is backward.... wake up guys

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