T-Mobile US unboxes the new Galaxy S9 phones on the moon

Ivan, 25 February 2018

Last year it was sharks, this year it's Space - T-Mobile is doing its usual quirky unboxing video featuring AskDes and today's stars are the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+.

And this time the T-Mo unboxing takes place in space (on the Moon).

Jokes aside, the unboxing shows off the feature-packed box of the new pair of Galaxies - from the USB-C adapter to transfer content from other phones to the AKG-tuned headphones.

T-Mobile reckons it has the fastest data speeds in the US and the Galaxy S9's gigabit LTE is a perfect match for it.

We have our own little hands-on with the Galaxy S9/S9+ for you here.


Reader comments

  • AnonD-632062

Too funny video! :D

Do people really believes this? Of course it’s fake.

By this unboxing video on the moon, I finally begin to believe the moon landing hoax conspiracy theory. But it is sad that quality of 2018 space suit is poorer than that of 1960's.

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