Top 10 trending phones of week 21

Chip, 24 May 2020

In week 21 some substantial rumors emerged that allowed us to add two upcoming phones to the database and it appears you guys have been paying close attention.

The vivo X50 took the top, while the Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ got to third place even though neither phone is official yet. Inbetween we have the Galaxy A51, which shapes up to be a worthy successor of the A50 that spent almost a year in our top 10.

A quintet of Xiaomi phones follow - the Redmi Note 9S regained fourth as the Poco F2 Pro slid to fifth. The Redmi Notes 8 Pro, 10 and 8 take the next three positions in that order.

Apple iPhone SE (2020) is still ninth as the Galaxy S8 mounts yet another unlikely comeback. The 2017 flagship just refuses to go away.

We wave goodbye to last week's leader - the Galaxy A Quantum, and two rumored phones from last week - the iPhone 12 Pro Max and Nokia 9.3 PureView. We have certainly not seen the last of those last two, though.

vivo X50 Pro


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Samsung Galaxy S8

RANK: 10

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  • DoroCode

With muscle memory your fingers will get the exact position of the fingerprint sensor and you won't have to stain the camera lens with your fingers.

No it's not fixed, they just moved it from beside to under. Still very close to lens. Only acceptable back fingerprint would be likes of A40(2019) or Huawei p30 lite where the camera is in the corner and the fingerprint is in the middle. With good 2c...

That's fixed in S9. That's why i said hope Samsung uses S9 with modern specs.

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