Top 10 trending phones of week 37

Chip, 19 September 2021

Apple and Xiaomi held major events this weeks and the devices to come out of them took our trending chart by storm. It's little surprise to see the iPhone 13 Pro Max on top - it was already there last week when it was still in rumorland.

The vanilla iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Pro take the other two podium places, while the Xiaomi 11T Pro placed fourth.

The iPhone 13 mini gathered the least interest among the new Apple smartphones, which doesn't bode well for its chances of doing better than the iPhone 12 mini. Even so it gained enough attention to place fifth this week, ahead of the Samsung Galaxy M52, which is another phone gaining attention before its official announcement.

The Redmi Note 10 Pro finds itself in its lowest position for quite a while, sitting in seventh, but it at least managed to outpace the latest iPad mini.

The Samsung Galaxy A52s and the iPhone 12 Pro complete a chart that is almost unrecognizable when compared to last week with six new names.

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Samsung a52s is good best among these.

We know ,and no matter what we will always have Samsungs on the list coz they make the most interesting fones with no gimmicks

  • Firefox

Typical results. Every year when Apple release their new devices, they occupies the top 10 position because everyone is searching for those devices. But within 1-2weeks Apple devices lose their position & Korean+Chinese devices again occupies top...

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