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Toshiba Excite Pro

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  • gilespi69

its a very good tablet,and i want to learn if can upgrade to android kitkat;
thanks for giving my question and gsmarena keep working so good.

  • Crystal

Hi does anyone know where I can purchase one at? I have shopped on Amazon but they are currently out of stock and so is the Toshiba Company it's self. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP! 12/10/14.

  • AnonD-318958

mitus, 01 Jun 2014Install the Drivers from here: http://singledrivers.blogsp... moreThanks Working Perfectly....

  • Mickey_s

saad, 12 Jul 2014Is it without sim? Please someone replyIf in the specs says "no 3G", this means it does NOT have SIM slot.

  • saad

Is it without sim?
Please someone reply

  • Anonymous

Will this recive KitKat?

  • Mickey_s

Anonymous, 23 Jun 2014It scores about 31000 points.Thanks

  • Anonymous

Best Toshiba tablet. EVER.

  • Anonymous

Mickey_s, 18 Jun 2014Anyone tried Antutu on this tablet? How it scores?It scores about 31000 points.

  • Mickey_s

Anyone tried Antutu on this tablet? How it scores?

  • mitus

technostein, 03 Aug 2013I swear this tablet is under clocked it runs tetra 4 yet I ... moreIt is not underclocked!
From my tests, I could discover the following:

When the CPU has the 4 cores processing at the same time it MAXes at 1,6GHz for each core.
When it has only 2 cores processing at the same time it MAXes at 1,8GHz for each core.

For only 3 cores processing simoultaneously the tests were inconclusive... sometimes they were all MAXed at 1,6GHz, and sometimes they were MAXed at 1,6GHz for 2 cores and 1,8Ghz for the 3rd core.

This almost certainly has to do with the Thermal management of the CPU or SoC!

These tests were performed with the Tablet on Performance Mode, but if you enable Power Saving Mode, then all cores will be MAXed at 1GHz...

  • mitus

lionel, 24 Feb 2014if you want to debug android application with eclipse IDE y... moreInstall the Drivers from here:

I installed it on Windows XP SP3, and it worked for me!!
Follow the instructions carefully...since the drivers need to be manually installed.

Following the XP instructions...
If you want MTP connection, between step 6 and step 7 you have to select "MTP Device" (even if it's not certified!).
If you want ADB connection, between step 6 and step 7 you have to select "ADB Composite..." (even if it's not certified!). (NOTE: if you choose simple ADB it will not work, you have to choose the Composite ADB).

For some whatever reason I couldn't get them to work simoultaneously, only one at the time... so everytime I want to switch from MTP connection to ADB connection and vice-versa, I have to reassign/reinstall the driver.

  • Mickey_s

Anonymous, 09 Mar 2014I have found the sound quality to be very poor and very qui... moreDo you have enabled "Sound enhancement" option in settings?

  • Mickey_s

Waiting for a KitKat update.

  • Anonymous

I have found the sound quality to be very poor and very quiet and sometimes distorted when playing downloads, recording and playing back recorded video.Also unable to get any sound when playing back video downloaded from my camera(movie format) This is very disapointing as it's supposed to be from quality Harmon speakers. I've tried external speakers, still poor sound levels. If anyone has any suggestions to help I would be grateful

  • lionel

if you want to debug android application with eclipse IDE you need the usb adb driver . For toshiba the generic driver don't work and you need the one implemented by toshiba . the actual drivers on windows 8.1 64 bit don't work and it is a shame because new chrome browser need it to connect with android. Hardare spec is good , price is the best ,but software drivers need enhancement . for end user consummer OK for developper forget it ( hope there ll be a new driver version )

  • Raajputro

Gets hot. but is getting update Jelly Bean 4.3. Should get Kitkat

  • dallen789

Bought one for my 15 year old from currys for £199 -30 voucher. But ignoring the price- what can I say, well after one month
It has never frozen
The quality of the screen is simply brillant
It got hot during the first week, but hasn't since
The speaker placement is not as dumb as we thought, when you hold it your hsnds act as a speaker box and do not muffle the sound at all
It 'looks' expensive
very very happy son and dad

  • Anonymous

do me a favour £169 there's no other option,good value super tablet

  • Nicknamed

AnonD-174967, 12 Aug 2013Having been an avid member of the xda forums for 10 years, ... moreThe general opinions expressed barely relate to the product itself.