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  • Anonymous

AnonD-174967, 12 Aug 2013Having been an avid member of the xda forums for 10 years, ... moreThank you for the honest review,

I read a lot of negative reviews as was being put off,I have seen the tablet in the flesh as its for my kids and I need two of them, I did not want to spend over the top budget was for two nexus 7's 2013 but kids aged 8 and 9 just kept walking away from them in the store,10 inch tabs appealed to them more then 7 inch tabs, so I looked at all of them and bang for bug its the Toshiba at £199 each from currys bought them after reading this review - Thank you once again for your honest review

  • blodge

after knacking my ipad retiner i was not going to spend another £400 quid on a tablet so after a long research and huffing and puffing i targeted the tosh still was,nt sure but the spec was fab,so look at the pricing at currys 289.00 with £30 quid off then all of a sudden £199.00 with £30 quid off bang i am in buy buy buy.

  • migotka21

Is Mass Storage mode possible?

  • Anonymous

microSD, up to 32 GB in reality 64 GB

  • AnonD-174967

Having been an avid member of the xda forums for 10 years, this was a big choice for me. Why? Because the Excite Pro has a permanently locked bootloader (by design). For tweakers & modders, this is a non starter. Bear this in mind if you are this way inclined.

Personally, I've outgrown the need for serious modding & custom Roms. There are enough apps on PlayStore for my aesthetic needs lol.

So, that brings me to why the Tosh was the best option for me. I've been using Nvidia products since they started making graphics cards for PC's & they know who they are doing. Everyone keeps talking about how much media content we use these days, so having the right choice of horsepower to run anything & everything you throw at your shiny new tablet is extremely important as it will be beaten by the latest & greatest SoC technology in a matter of weeks (already developed haha) just not in the market as yet....

As a power user, there were only 2 choices from my perspective. Wait for Snapdragon 800 based tabs or grab the Tegra4 Tosh! I grew up surrounded by Sony & Toshiba products & trust them to be of high quality.

Like another guy said, it's best to go to the shops and spend some time with the devices you're interested in, but keep an open mind. I went to view and test the Sony Expedia Z, but was about as impressed by it as negative reviewers of the Excite Pro.

Let me surmise my long windedness :-P

This tablet is excellent value for money if you compare it to the Sony tab or iPad4. However, the innards of this Excite Pro, IMHO, outstrips the Sony & iPad! Not taking anything away from the retina display king here or Sony's excellent offering, but my new Tosh is a joy to use, whether for serious work, surfing, gaming, movie watching or anything else these things are used for.

Should you buy this? I can't say, because I don't know your requirements. Personally, I intend to keep this for at least 3 years. My contract phone is where I kep up to date with the latest mobile tech, as it's part & parcel of contract phones, so that's where I'll get my Snapdragon 800 or 1000. I currently have the Samsung galaxy S4 (Snapdragon 600) and it performs flawlessly. I believe we need no more advances in power (for now) in mobile devices. Mobile SoC technology has landed & the big players are riding us for every penny.

What we need is greater storage capacity (like 250gb+), much better battery life and more optimised apps on Android for tablets.

To conclude my long post (I'm trying to help), if you use your tablet like me, for the following, you won't be dissapointed if you choose the Toshiba Excite Pro :
1. Hardcore Android gaming (intensive 3D games)

2. At least 2 hours of Web related activity (Flip board & other news aggregators look crisp, sharp & are pleasurable to read for hours - good for ebooks)

3. HD movie playback (1080p of course) from internal drive or sd card (I recommend 64GB SDHC class 10

The list goes on.... & so do I lol, so on that note, I'm done.

  • technostein

I swear this tablet is under clocked it runs tetra 4 yet I get around the same as the S4? And running stability test the cores run at 1.5 GhZ not 1.8. Weird

  • ajp

Had mine for 2 days everything is excellent except for a couple of things only android 4.2.1 onboard when I'm sure they said 4.2.2 also top left hand corner under the camera becomes extremely hot even under light use another small thing is the keyboard can be a bit weird does not always do what you want it to do.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-170654, 30 Jul 2013Looking to buy a tablet mid-August. I've pretty much been ... moreI haven't tried any of those other than the Toshiba... But i know with the Toshiba you will be very happy... I absolutely love it... So much better than an iPad...

  • AnonD-170654

Looking to buy a tablet mid-August. I've pretty much been round the houses having read a lot of reviews. Initially wanted a Asus Transformer Infinity but was clear that this was out of my budget. Am looking at Asus Me301 MemoPad or Toshiba Excite Pro. My main concerns regarding the Tosh are that there are few reviews out there and that the screen is perceived to be overly glossy. Anyone got experience of these 2 machines ? I know the Asus is a lower spec but as a commuter toy think either would do.

  • Corn hub

I got the excite pro today, it is awesome... 28000 on antutu , which is higher than My galaxy s4. The screen is great, the sound is awesome. It had the added bonus that you can go into a store and hold it - and you'll notice it sits well in the hand, and has a good weight to it - light but no cheap. I can't recommend this enough.

  • VoidScreamer

this scores about 36000 points in antutu . much more than many competitors . no doubt in tegra 4 power. the reason that Tegra4 is leaved behind in shadows , is the high power it uses . and it havnt 3G comm integrated . (Tegra4i have this . 4G LTE)
but 72 graphic core go to rock the tablets .

  • BoSalma

sachin, 19 Jul hardware is rocking..n quality ll b out... moreThanks for the tip. But what im really looking for is some benchmark scores to make up my mind about this product.

  • sachin

BoSalma, 18 Jul 2013Guys please someone helps me in taking a decision. shall i ... hardware is rocking..n quality ll b outstanding..

  • BoSalma

AnonD-77318, 01 Jul 2013I'm the one and onlyGuys please someone helps me in taking a decision. shall i go for it? i need to know if its really a major upgrade. i have nexus 10. doest it have higher score in antutu?

  • BoSalma

rico, 07 Jul 2013not anymoreDid you purchase the tablet already? who did you find the performance, what is the antutu benchmark score and from where i can get it? Thanks

  • rico

not anymore

  • AnonD-77318

I'm the one and only