Toshiba G810

Toshiba G810

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  • felix

ma phone shows nothing in screen.(white screen)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-103191, 20 Jan 2013please the network is lock how can open it to use my networ... more how can chenge the langeuage to english

  • abdtitif

i have toshiba G810 portege
how i can tchinge the longe to the france

  • AnonD-103191

please the network is lock how can open it to use my network mtn nigeria and how can chenge the langeuage to english

  • Andrew

Mikite, 23 Nov 2012Do you know if i could find a battery for this phone? A sim... moreIt uses the same battery as the HP 6828 and O2 Atom phones.

  • Mikite

Do you know if i could find a battery for this phone? A similar one , from another model because this is too old for a original one?

  • danokk

wankin, 25 Apr 2010i want to change chinese language to english. i don't know ... moreI want to change the language to English please.

  • Mascot

How can i change d language to english?

  • bolton_gb88

before i bought this phone read some really nasty reviews about on here. but honestly after using it for a while its not bad at all. sure there's some things that could be better like the operating software, but honestly most windows mobile phones are complicated. the camera is really good, and even though the battery life isnt spectacular it still does the job.
it has some really amazing features though, if you connect it to the pc its so easy to copy any files that you need. it comes with microsoft office aswell and the media player is exceptional. the touchscreen is really trendy aswell. all in all it isnt a perfect phone, i dont think there is a perfect one out there. but you have to give it a 7.5/10 atleast and that for me means its a very good phone.

  • G

Radio sucks!!Too LOW!!!!

  • jack

bopols!!!!!! just read the manual of your phone.

  • Anonymous

how can i change the language of the phone into english..

  • Anonymous


  • markh

JCVD, 02 Feb 2011This is without doubt the worst phone I've used. The touch ... morei agree with that. It'd nearly useless since its signal reception is so poor!

  • Zahid

Is Garmin mobile xt (maps software) work on Tosshiba g810??? without external intenna?

  • JCVD

This is without doubt the worst phone I've used. The touch screen is not very responsive and the rubbish windows operating system is not only slow but also crashes very frequently.

Texting using the stylus is also a pain because it always flips between text settings if you accidently tap on the wrong bit - it's really irritating !!

There are lots of much better phones on the market, my advice is not to waste your money buying this rubbish !!

  • Anonymous

how the gps system is working and what type of external antenna may i use?

  • Anonymous

I have updated the ROM to WM 6.5. I need to get back to the older version WM 6.1. Any idea how to do that?

  • Anonymous

Most problems whith this phone come from wm6.5 roms. If you have any, revert to the original rom.

  • Tarifwell

abeer, 21 Aug 2010hi :) actually i am facing a very big problem with my mobi... moreHi! I'm not technician but I have some ideas to you. First ensure that all buttons are in good condition : not pressed, especially on/off button. Secondly, it can be a moisture problem, in that cas you must turn off your mobile and dry it with hair dryer (in a cold position!). If it is not the case it could be a software problem, you should see a repairman. Good luck