Toshiba G810

Toshiba G810

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  • Nutzu

it has front camera for video calls,plus they don't lie like HTC about processor is fast and nice design,plus is going to be cheaper that HTC touch,my next phone,u can see a lot about it on youtube

  • Anonymous

very good narges

  • Q

Is there any place that I can read a review for this mobile?

  • Anonymous

too bad that it has no secondary camera...

  • Sebastian

Look good ! I wonder G810 GPS receiver is it better than Eten X800?

  • Q

Plz do a review on this phone. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

I like to have one, cant wait long,pls...........zubi114

  • kazushi

please review the Toshiba 908A

  • konstantinos_GREECE

It strongly reminds me the LG ks20.Of course it's really better(3.15mp camera)....very attractive design and very good specifications...
i would have love it if it had a qwerty keyboard!!
but it looks like very slim so it doen't matter...

  • reori

iPhone2 ? - nice design,all u need.price must be like cruse (if not=no buy!)

  • levent

i'll sell my htc touch when this deviece will release :)

  • Anonymous

I was going to order HTC Cruise when i found this.
Now I will wait for Toshiba G810 but only if they include HW drivers.

  • as

Not better than HTC Cruise.

  • fag

im first

  • dookie

would like to see the price ... check out the HTC Touch cruise specifications :) exactly the same, cool design though :) and 1.5mm slimmer! No handwriting recognition, no finger swipe navigation, although there is a start menu button, which is useful. Lets just wait and see what comes out :)

  • prp

The only minus it that MSM7200 lack of drivers :(

  • HTC Touch Dual

1st post! nice phone btw...