Toshiba G900

Toshiba G900

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  • ty

i have read on numerous website that this phone will be released to purchase within june 2007.. is this true?

  • paulus

nice handset

  • Anonymous

Reason for absence of GPS and 3mp camera.
Its because, they dun wan to make this phone too heavy and costly. Dun ask more from it..... Its already announced and they will never change anything more

  • Anonymous

C'mon Toshy without GPS, Faster CPU, FM Radio, and better Camera... small chances u will win against HTC Kaiser and E-TEN M900.

  • tombah

4 that wight it should have GPS and radio, without them its a waste, and to hevy 2 attach anything to it.

  • Anonymous

I was wondering if anyone knows what the processing speed/power of this phone is?

  • Anonymous

This thing is a mini-laptop! Just wish it had GSM 850 for the states...

  • Anonymous

With GPS, smaller size and 3mgpxl camera it will be perfect!!

  • Anonymous

it has gprs but not gps


does it have touch screen?

  • Aquila Noctis

Great PDA, probably the best coming soon one with keyboard!

  • ...

does this have gps? i hope it is capable of that..i been looking for a pda phone that has gps, touch screen, full qwerty, at least 262k color screen,wifi of course, and at least 2mp cam...this would be a great candidate if it has gps...don't really care about tv signal...

  • Anonymous

the screen res is 800x480..spectacular

  • Anonymous

I think that GPS is more important than HSDPA in a PocketPC.. with 3G speed is enough!!

  • Anonymous

It´s a very very good phone! it's quite big, but it has a big screen. I think that 3' screen and slide-out qwerty keyboard are very useful for bussines and for spare time to see mp4, to play with games or to see tv.
Its black point is hasn't GPS integrated!! and it can be better with 3mgxl camera, with analog radio and with a smaller size.

HTCkaiser vs tosh G900 vs Eten M700
Iphone vs Sam F700 vs Asus Mars II

  • robot

119x61x21,5mm 198g

  • Murilo

Size 800 x 480 pixels, 3 inches