Toshiba G900

Toshiba G900

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  • Anonymous

thise handset is show vwrry beutyfull and coluor so verry nice so i given total 100 point

  • md

me, 26 Apr 2011can someone please sell me this phone?you can have mine for £150. It is in good working order. md

  • me

real, 18 Feb 2011i hate my toshiba now,bought it early 2008 n its too old n ... morecan someone please sell me this phone?

  • real

i hate my toshiba now,bought it early 2008 n its too old n tired tho its gYnomous size still impresses sum folks,now waitin for the lg optimus 3D,oh yeah i dont care for how much it would go for,folks dont even bother puttin it on ebay,nobody even buys it anymore coz of its popular fucked up battery life.

  • Iones E-A

Btw, I was reading the comments about the price. It's indeed "wow-expensive" but in those days (2007) that was the price for such devices. I remember "normal" Samsung slide phones (no OS) having a value of 200-300 euro's. I just checked the receipt for this phone, surprisingly it mentions (don't laugh) € 630,00 incl tax.

  • Iones E-A

You made me laugh @ $200. I'm about to put mines on eBay for a week starting @ 0.01euro (I'm not trolling, my username is start0.01euro). I probably think it will end @ 20-50 euro's because that it is it's value these days. Let me put as example the HTC G1 that is ending @ 50-100 euro's and above the mini-pro @ 100-150euro, etc... etc... However it is a piece of technologie with fingerprint and USB-host capabalities which is quite unique. It's good for geeks/collectors. An Iphone though keeps it's value (even though I think it's overrated, way overrated).

  • yuzyin

I would happy to sell mine for $200 + shipping.
It is a great phone but I feel it is a bit HUGE :)

tell me if you are interested at yuzyin at gmail dot com

I used the phone for 8 months and bougth and iphone later. It is still in my drawer :)

  • ReDox

For 350 Dollars, this phone was the best for several years given its WVGA Screen and tweekablilties! it was also featured run Windows 7 on such device (Totally servicable).

Overall, it's not recommended to purchase such device now days, however, it was a remarkable device for past 3/4 years!

  • Anonymous

theres One for sale on Ebay for £79,

  • price!!!

io andonly, 08 Jun 2010omg!!!! look at the price before saying anithing! seems th... morewhat the f is wrong with Toshiba?!?!?!?! who can aford this phone?? Bill Gates?! 410 euro's for this piece of crap (2mpx camera XP LAME!! for 410 euro's) DON't BUY it!!! [only if you can buy it] LOLOLOLOLLLL!!!!!

  • boogy

phone is sou great

  • io andonly

omg!!!! look at the price before saying anithing! seems that there is no ecomic crysis for Toshibatman

  • Anonymous

not baddddddddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

lux, 25 Nov 2009how can i reprogram my g900?

  • Anonymous

lux, 25 Nov 2009how can i reprogram my g900?WORST things about it: YOU CAN'T HEAR WHEN SB'S TALKING!! I usually transfer to loudspeaker, and even that sucks because you can hear (and so can anyone else who's around you), but you can't make it what they're saying!

Also, the y key needs to be pressed with a lot of strength and the camera is just bad

GOOD things: And this is *priceless* I dropped it numerous times and it's *O*K* (well, at least in the same condition as before). Like, not even the (beautiful) screen hasn't been broken!

I need a new phone though, because this one may have a great screen and a fancy keyboard, but phone, it ain't

  • lux

how can i reprogram my g900?

  • Anonymous

me23, 03 Nov 2009how to tranfer pics from one folder to another folder? is i... moreyou can use file explorer to locate that picture u want.. after that just choose cut/copy option and paste it in the desire location (the same as in Windows).

  • mazen

v good

  • kip

i bought this phone a few months ago and i wass really impressed by its performance n design but as time went by due to slidin the keyboard,the phone got so loose that i dont use the keyboard anymore coz im afraid it would tear up in to two,the batterry is one thing all the g900 users will all agree phone is almost constantly on charge only to loose over half the charge in a few hours time even without using it at all,the 40MB memory is a disgrace too and my biggest problem is that my phone is both in russian and english,tried to switch the rom to pue english since a foreigner but i got the worst results with the speed of the pda,i wouldnt advice u to buy this phone but u have to compare the yes' n nos but one thing that remains is that g900 is the second best pda after htc tytnII)))

  • me23

how to tranfer pics from one folder to another folder? is it possible? im new to this..