Toshiba G900

Toshiba G900

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  • Cobra

I Have been using this phone for a year, and with the WM6.1 pro upgrade operation was breeze.

  • djdjek

hi! everyone,

i am looking for a replacement battery for my G900. can anyone help, please?

  • floyd

dominik moscow, 14 Feb 2008i bought it last year, thought it wa skinda good. after 1 m... morebut it's called qucik office or something like that.the same sftware from nokia e90.

  • skrzeku (PL)

I bay this PDA after i lost my htc tytn I and i'm surprising. Of course it has a lot of defect but nothin isn't perfect. Sincerely recomendation both for business and for enterteinment. It's made for films!

  • veltok

I agree with the Reviews' final words. Plus; this pocket PC has an awful telephony software and the audio performance is terrible. Also if you slide the upper part swiftly the machine turns-off! Just don't waste your money.

  • pl

SALE, 14 Jul 2009have this phone wireless????yes

  • NormanD

SALE, 14 Jul 2009have this phone wireless????@SAVE - Dude, it's clearly written in the specifications list:

3G HSDPA, 3.6 Mbps
WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11b/g, VoIP over WLAN
Bluetooth Yes, v2.0 with A2DP

All these are wireless communitcations, aren't they? :)

  • SALE

have this phone wireless????

  • AMDM

Toshiba is better off making washing machine

  • Anonymous

I wanna buY this shyt as my first toshiba pda bt i want sumone to advice me whether the gps technology is of any good to anyone coz iv seen that this phone doesnt support that,while htc tytn has this which makes me think of choosin htc other than tosh,please help.

  • Zeeshan

Alexander, 17 Feb 2009I have also faced the same problem regarding answering a ca... moreYes I am facing the same problem for answering call.
sometime it works otherwise u have to transfer sound to speaker or using handsfree then you wont face this problem, but the point is we have to fix it.

i upgraded my g900 from sony update service coz it was hanged when i restarted then i couldnt get the cell network, later on i face this answering call problem.

i suggest to all g900 users that whenever u switched off g900 always take out the battery and then start otherwise your phone network would may gone.

if someone knows how to fix answering call problem kindly write me on


many thanks


  • maria

ndubuisi, 20 Mar 2009hellllllloooooooooooooooooooo ,really ,is there no answer t... morehi it is not works with cards up to 2gb. my suggestion is to take a stick and when you want to put or to remove something the g900 read the stick as external disc

  • cool boy

r u stupid this phone has no radio

  • cool boy

what is a gps ? and can i download gps?

  • kz

alin, 21 Nov 2008what can i do with the camera on this phone?it does not wan... morei gots same problem, front camera cannot set to none mood efect..huh...looks green colour already..

  • kz

mmm desing is ok but .. 2day use this pda wohh got a problem,front camera for video call cant not set to normal view...look green already..1stday i think its normal or hang but very sad ...for buying this..i try to set none efect but cannot to change..secondry the problem i got sometime look likes the msger page view overlap in standby mood..this happen after i charge the battery..hots 4 this..because i use 990i at 3 year the condtn is verry well.n good..for smart phone..i hope it not happen again to another series..because ill proud to use this toshiba prduct.

  • Greivin Rojas

I got a question does this phone work in costa rica ?????

  • ndubuisi

hellllllloooooooooooooooooooo ,really ,is there no answer to this question?or am i stuck with the 2GB memory card?help me out....someone....anyone.

  • ndubuisi

i love this phone,but does any one know how to increase the card slot memory?2G is too small for me but the 4G wont work and its depressing.pls answer anyone so i put this nagging question to rest

  • ziarat

Alexander, 17 Feb 2009I have also faced the same problem regarding answering a ca... moredear guys and girls,
go to
you will see a lot of rom update. get one from there and update your os.
it works really fine.
the os is version 6.1
and it is really fast compare to the original os 6.0

i have try it and it really feel good