Truecaller adds Request Money feature to Truecaller Pay

Prasad, 14 August 2017

Truecaller has introduced a new feature as part of its Truecaller Pay service. Users can now nudge their contacts to pay them using a direct payment request, which shows up in the recipient's notifications and the person can then tap on the notification and pay instantly after entering the MPIN. Truecaller believes the feature will be useful to avoid "awkward situations of asking for money from someone".

Apart from this, users can now also create shareable payment links, which can then be sent overing messaging apps or posted on a website, allowing those who click on it to pay you through Truecaller. This can be useful, for example, getting donations on a website but of course will require the donors to have Truecaller installed and payments enabled.

Truecaller launched the Truecaller Pay service in India earlier this year in March and works using the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) protocol that lets users create their own Virtual Payment Address (VPA) that can be used to send and receive payments directly through the associated bank account. Truecaller Pay is currently only available in India.


Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Just not using the app does not mean our privacy is still not being played with

  • Anonymous

Actually, bad as it is, Truecaller is still not as bad as spammers and cold callers who abuse the mobile phone network to disturb and harass people. I am fully aware of the creepy behavior of truecaller, but use it as it is a tradeoff between an app ...

The dumbest users are those believing in Clean Master and other "cleaners ". No, killing the RAM won't help your device be faster. And all those ads, and the data they eat each month...