TSMC plans record investment in chip manufacturing expansion

Ivan, 13 January 2022

Chip-manufacturing company TSMC reported a record Q4, with a 16.4% rise in profit. The company expects record chip demand in the coming years and is going ahead with its 2021 plan for a $100b expansion of its facilities.

TSMC has earmarked $40-$44b in 2022 order for increasing its manufacturing capabilities - that's up from $30b in 2021. TSMC is the largest chip manufacturer in the world and is the main manufacturer for Apple and Qualcomm, among others.

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TSMC expects a 'multi-year industry megatrend' for strong chip demand, boosted by technologies such as AI and 5G, and the need for high-speed silicon in smartphones, computers, cars, and all sorts of machines.



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  • yerpderp-hp1
  • 17 Jan 2022
  • gLN

yes indeed I thought that and I thought it reminded me of a ps2 standing upright as well

I like competition bro. Samsung invest facilty $833 billion dollar, year 2025 into the chip sector invest $155 billion dollar, (year 2030 as part of the k semiconductor belt initiative samsung electronics co. And sk Hynix inc. Invest $450 billion dol...

  • Anonymous
  • 15 Jan 2022
  • 0WA

This shot from the article really makes it look like an evil lair.

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