Twitter adds voice messages in tweets, only on iOS for now

Yordan, 18 June 2020

Twitter has added another enhancement to its social network. Users on iOS are now able to add voice messages to their tweets which will complement the short text-based message.

When creating a new Tweet, owners of Apple devices will have a button to add voice right next to the one that allows adding photos from the camera app or the gallery. The voice message can be 140 seconds long (2 min, 20 sec), and then it can be replayed in a dedicated audio player.

Videos and GIFs are already playing in an in-house player, adding audio was a logical step.

There’s no word when Android users will receive it, but given how big this new option is, it is likely to appear sooner rather than later.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

pls no I want to stay it this way. that's what makes Twitter edit request legendary :)

  • Love the Community

How about adding an edit feature? Many well known people's careers are jeopardized due to the past tweets that haters dug up which are unacceptable in today's standards.

I agree with this, but that's not why iOS usually gets support before Android. iOS is a lot more streamlined and there are only devices from 1 manufacturer that runs the OS. There are also only a handful of resolutions to support - 4.7" squared, 5.5"...

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