UK: pre-ordering the £599 Galaxy Tab S3 nets you a free keyboard cover

Vlad, 17 March 2017

Yesterday Samsung revealed the official release date and price for the Galaxy Tab S3 in the US. Today the Korean company has started taking pre-orders for the device in the UK, through its own online store.

As anticipated based on a premature retailer listing, the new tablet does in fact cost £599. However, Samsung is offering a perk for those who pre-order, one which is sure to sweeten the deal.

If you do decide to take the plunge and put in a pre-order for the Galaxy Tab S3, you will receive the keyboard cover for free. That's a £119 value and it will let you experience the Tab S3 fully. Otherwise, you don't get all the unique selling points, at least according to Samsung's marketing materials.

Pre-orders are expected to ship on March 31. The Galaxy Tab S3 pairs the 'glass sandwich' design that was made popular by Samsung's high-end smartphones starting with the Galaxy S6 with the S Pen seen in the Note line. It has a 9.7-inch 2,048x1,536 Super AMOLED touchscreen, the Snapdragon 820 powering it, and 4GB of RAM. A 6,000 mAh battery keeps things running, and the tablet comes with Android 7.0 Nougat preinstalled.

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Reader comments

Good price.

  • A Note 4 user
  • 19 Mar 2017
  • Bbx

anyone actually going to pay this for a tablet??

  • Anonymous
  • 19 Mar 2017
  • JaF

They should charge at least £1000 to make more money. In fact, can I suggest a feature where a tablet locks up every month and you can't use it until you paid for the unlocking code. Approximately £99. Every month. Apple, Samsung, take...

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