Ulefone Armor 11 5G

Ulefone Armor 11 5G

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Just a matter of time before Mrwhosetheboss got his hand on this phone and give the same verdict as his rugged phone video before.

  • Dilber37

unkown, 11 Mar 2021These rugged phones are just complete load of garbge. You a... moreAs mentioned key factor is durability, in my opinion to get equal stats your case etc. is expensive if even availible. This is not fancy it is rugged. Price is okay the display is weak but if the battery last longer then it is okay as well. I will see how it performs and give feedback.

Ulefone is not absolutely perfect, I very much approve of their insistence on innovation, and has been recognized by many users, giving users more choices.

  • Anonymous

The price is really attractive for a 5G rugged phone, happy with the Ulefone Armor 3 for 2 years, it's still working with no problem now.

  • unkown

These rugged phones are just complete load of garbge. You are only paying for one key factor- durability. For the same price, you can get a good specced phone while the specs on this phone is just poop. Long story short, dont get these kinds of phones.

  • ttirkashov

Honestly, these "rugged" phones are complete scams. I'm not only talking about Ulefone.
Their specs are complete rubbish compared to other phones of the same price, and the only thing they have going for them (the durability), can easily be replicated with a $30 high quality protective case.

I mean what kind of phone in 2020 has a resolution of 720*1560 and a screen to body ratio of 68%???

Far better than than poor so called armored version from Samsung. Same price much better specs.

  • Antonio Cunha

If the waterproof feature is like the one from Ulefone Armor 6, please don't use it!!
My Armor 6 fall into 5cm of clean water for 3 seconds and after some days it went completely off.
With only a few months using it, Ulefone's just said that is not covered by warranty. I've insisted that it had very probably a defect, but I didn't get positive replys from them.
I consider the phone fake, as the waterproof feature is fake!

  • Christina

Super good mobile phone, militar grade, for security applications and industrial requirements very affordable

  • Berhamin Hadjidulla

All features are great. Quality, durability and functions is very awesome. I'm a big fan of Ulefone. I have a Ulefone that I'm using now, Ulefone s10 pro and I love it, and I'm satisfied with it. What more the latest Ulefone Armor 11

  • Mario

So nice, i like it but it is too heavy for holding long in using. 200g is much better using.

  • Wereweeb

You can get the same amount of protection this offers with any IP68 smartphone by buying a thick case, a glass protector, and a silicon plug for the ports. That's basically what this smartphone is, but Ulefone et al will sell you overpriced hardware and justify by calling it "rugged", as if it wasn't just the same (or inferior) glass and plastic, with a glued-on rubber case.

  • WilliamsL798

Dometalican, 09 Mar 2021Not terrible for the price but HD+ is a deal-breaker. Defin... moreI concur, although it does have three of the 5G bands used by my carrier, as soon as I realized that it's only HD+ I didn't want it anymore. All the other features seem acceptable, if not downright good, but at least give it FHD...

Not terrible for the price but HD+ is a deal-breaker. Definitely good for construction companies that just need a durable phone with solid battery, vanilla Android, decent camera (dedicated night camera is pretty cool), and good amount of storage for pics and videos.

Still don't know why these companies fail to put basic 5G bands for the US (missing 2, 5, and 66 at least...)