Ulefone Armor 7

Ulefone Armor 7

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So, the IP69K and drop protection rating are just amazing, I love the LCD display since it means no Burn-in will happen... only CPU is disappointing

  • Anonymous

when's the full review coming out? I want to see proper Helio P90 benchmarks

  • abdullah alotaibi

thanks gsmarena for open section for ulefone mobile we love you and ulefone

  • Juke

Headphone Jack... C'mon I don't want to worry if I charged my earbuds, I just want to leave them in the car when I leave the gym.

I'd have gladly paid and extra $50-75 for an AMOLED.

Everything is else is king slayer levels. The Helios CPU isn't as robust as the a SD, but... It is on difference pricing planet, and still competent!

[deleted post]I guess yes !
But let me tell you something, I had Armor 2 and it supposed to be waterproof but while I was shooting selfie photos in the water park, the water got inside the mobile phone and the screen get spoiled.

This one looks a lot better than the new xcover from samsung because for much hiogher price comes with much less features and worse specs.

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2020Everything was great until I saw there was no 3.5 mm headphone j... moreMan since when jack is great.
There is meditteran sea or even pacfic ocean of wireless options.
jack is dead or it should be.
is not essential it never was and it have no place and space in future like era and phones.

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2020Everything was great until I saw there was no 3.5 mm headphone j... moreHas Type-C adapter headphone port

  • Anonymous

Everything was great until I saw there was no 3.5 mm headphone jack. 🙄 What were they thinking.

  • Justariii

We need review about helio p90 performance

  • Anonymous

People is complaining because it comes with android 9, to be honest i don't feel much difference since android 7. Some of the features added to android were already implemented by samsung (i've had samsung phones for years so i can't tell about other manufactures, but i'm pretty sure it's the same), for example dark mode, lockdown mode and gesture navigation

  • XDoMaIn

Alex 94, 09 Jan 2020And come with outdated android pie.Im still ok with android 9 just dont android 8 out of box i will complain lol ...xD
Sorry for my bad english

And come with outdated android pie.

actually it is well priced for its specs and hardware.