Ulefone Note 8P

Ulefone Note 8P

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people will buy if the price is like 50 dollars

Anybody who buys these phones do it because:
It's for an elderly person
For a young child
A backup phone
Or they're on an EXTREMELY tight budget

And I understand that not every region offer the same phones but for £20 you can get Alcatel 1s, Moto E6S, Huawei Y5 or Nokia 2.3. Better Processor, more Ram, better camera, better battery. And with Nokia at least you know you're getting regular updates.

  • Anonymous

This better be a joke.. don't tarnish the name note ulephone keep the pieces u pulled out of a dumpster to your self.

  • Anonymous

WTF is this lol.

  • Anonymous

worse screen that S2....

  • Anonymous

Overall Grade: F- (D.O.A)
- 960 by 442 resolution in 2020!! Is this the year 2009/2010??
- 720p video recording in 2020!!
- Dated 28nm processor used in 2020!!
- microUSB used in 2020!!
- No proximity sensor and other essential sensors in 2020!! Is this the year 2009/2010 too??
- 2700mAh battery in 2020!! Other brands are already offering 4000mAh at this price!!

With this price of 70 EUR, you are better off with Redmi Go instead. Or you can shell a bit more money and get any of the Redmi 8 series.

Good to see a smaller phone again, just need higher specs!

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

This thing has a pen? No? If so then its a disgrace to the name Note! O3O

trash performance can't even run simple tasks and trash screen that you cant't watch videos

Budget phone!!!

  • HuLk

Now that's the body size and weight needed these days....but with a powerful chip and bigger storage. I guess l since Apple will be selling iPhone 12 with 5.4 inch screen size with most powerful chip, other companies will follow the said trend soon.

Till now, Ulephone already started the said real compact size trend.

  • Anonymous

This phone are compact like sony compact or sharp aquos r2 compact?

  • Anonymous

Why are companies still putting out jokes like these?