Ulefone Note 9P

Ulefone Note 9P

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  • Specialist

UKUSER, 24 Jun 2021Camera OK in bright lighting. Struggles to focus on foregro... moreIt by default is set to use USB only for charging
To use USB file transfer you should every time after connecting USB cable to swipe from top of the screen then to press on USB charging and to select option for file transfer

  • Anonymous

Very poor sound on phoneing ,or answering,seams to drift a lott,

  • Mistyh78

I've had my ulefone about 4 months now and I have to say it's got the worst focus for on screen when u pull up the settings menu it's almost impossible to read and clearly they are not made very well cuz my charging port had stopped charging the phone I only had 4 months I paid almost $200.00 for this phone and I feel it should be a lot better than it is wont buy another one


Camera OK in bright lighting. Struggles to focus on foreground objects on close up. Wired transfer not possible as USB C for power only. (I use KDE Connect for file transfers.) Battery life is excellent and charges quickly. Screen too dim in full sun. App updates not automatic. Wifi calling enabled. Android 10 Pixel OS. NFC not supported but app sharing is. Fingerprint sensor is small. Not waterproof. I find it worth the money I paid for it. To think you could break four or five of these for the price of a flagship model of mainstream brands is great for the forgetful or the clumsy!

  • maloshgo

on my ulefone 9p how can I get off game mode


susan57, 10 Apr 2021I have been trying to transfer photos and documents from my... moreYou cannot transfer documents and pictures through a wire with this phone. Just bluetooth or wifi.

  • The Kernel

When it works, it's great - but often features don't work and need a restart - e.g. WiFi not connecting, unable to view photos. I bought this for my mother, but have to visit frequently to assist with her phone issues!

I have been trying to transfer photos and documents from my phone but it wont show up on my laptop, quite disappointing because I have got important documents to upload. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated :-)

  • Richy1m

Anonymous, 28 Oct 2020Is a good phone but can't connect to WiFi I have tried... moreSame here. After wireless update the double tap function to unlock the phone/screen stops working. Three months of use. Great phone but why this?

  • Demalaj

I lost my Samsung A71 and i was searching for a phone with the same facilities and very cost effective, fortunately a colleague in the office brought some phones and advised me to try Ulefone until i get a perfect replacement. Now i have decided to stick to Ulefone coz i have not missed out on any smart phone facility. I really appreciate the phone.

  • Evans

cyengah , 26 Nov 2020the phone its so pathetic it reaches a time the phone shuts... moreDoes it overheat when internet is connected?

  • Olly

Stuck on setup please send me written instructions to get my phoneworking

  • Me2

ulereview, 15 Dec 2020Phone works great aside from the fact mobile data doesn... moreThat's got to do with your carrier try trading carriers and you'll probably get rid of that problem

  • Elvis

So the phone is good to go for?

  • Anonymous

Less than two months after release vulnerability: https://www.xda-developers.com/mediatek-su-rootkit-exploit/

  • Anonymous

Libba, 20 Dec 2020So, if I can pick up one of these for $150 that's near... moreYes

Peomastageneral, 10 Sep 2020Got myself one of these to replace my s7 edge... No bloatwa... moreDo you still feel this way?

So, if I can pick up one of these for $150 that's nearly brand new is that a good deal?

  • Fegrtet

Challa, 07 Dec 2020It seems this phone don't have a notification light an... moreThis have notification light, i know it 100% sure because I setted up one for my grandmother just 5 minutes ago.

  • Serbex

Challa, 07 Dec 2020It seems this phone don't have a notification light an... moreYes it has them booth. Great Phone. I have been using it for 3 months and it does its job very good. For the price, it doesnt get any better then this