User reports Samsung logo is peeling off the Galaxy Fold's hinge

Peter, 08 October 2019

Twitter user Kurby’S is reporting an issue with their Samsung Galaxy Fold – the letters of the Samsung logo on the hinge have started peeling off. The A and the U are already gone and the rest might soon follow.

Those letters have a holographic effect, adding to the visual appeal of the phone. This is created by cutouts placed inside the embossed shapes of the letters. And while it’s not vital to the phone’s functionality in any way, it’s not a good look on a $1,980 phone.

User reports Samsung logo is peeling off the Galaxy Fold's hinge

We looked around Twitter and the rest of the Internet and as far as we can tell, this is the only user to experience the issue. It’s hard to tell if this is a one-off issue or if there’s only one occurrence because the Galaxy Fold reached consumers only recently.

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Reader comments

Well dont expect miracless its samsung so all the issues are nothing new.

Sony overpriced? You are kidding right? Top device in 2019 is overpriced compared to Ss...? Dude check your synapses...

The quality and technology isn't the same, just like iPhone 11/ 11 Pro, it has it (expensive) price range, you can't ask iPhone to sell at xiaomi price and you get all the merit from it, but recently iPhone is less innovative only increase the camera...

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