Valve aims to ramp up Steam Deck shipments

Ivan, 05 April 2022

Valve is saying it's starting to ramp up Steam Deck production and will be sending more order availability emails every week to those who reserved. It's currently sending the first set of emails to Q2 reservers and says that no reservation windows have been changed or delayed.

Any of three tiers of Steam Deck ordered now are estimated to arrive in October, or possibly later. According to Valve's Lawrence Yang in an interview with IGN in February, ramping up of production will happen very quickly - tens of thousands in the first month, hundreds of thousands in the second month.

Valve aims to ramp up Steam Deck shipments

Having your Steam Deck delayed may be a blessing in disguise as early reviews have reported many issues. Some have deemed the device unfit for gaming, while others say it's very much a work in progress, but having huge promise. All things in keeping with the Steam Deck's first-gen nature.



Reader comments

  • Sin
  • 25 Jul 2022
  • N5a

The performance of the steam deck is a let down barely even base ps4 performance in 2022 really value that's rather under powered for today's games cyberpunk 2077 on ps4 was not pretty steam deck does no matter not ideal for aaa ...

  • Matt99
  • 10 Apr 2022
  • StU

I remember having the Gamegear back in the day and seeing my mates Atari Lynx and thinking " wow that looks like a brick" and it was, uncomfortable to use due to its weight and shape.

  • Anonymous
  • 07 Apr 2022
  • Lax

After seeing the reviews, I can't be more happy because I canceled my pre order for this. Just a beta device with low quality materials and a low quality screen. Nintendo managed to equip their console with an Oled and Steam chose a low IPS scre...

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