Verizon launches the Palm Phone for $199

Ro, 04 April 2019

The initial Palm Phone rebirth that was announced last year was an interesting concept ruined by one big issue - it had to be paired with another Android or iOS phone to work. Well, Verizon listened, so the new Palm Phone is a standalone device that can be used on its own.

Still, if pairing is your thing, the new Palm offers this option as well. And based on further consumer feedback, this year's Palm Phone delivers improved camera experience across the board with some HDR, color balance and low-light photography tweaks. Battery life should be longer as well.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Hi guys, if anyone of you is hesitant to buy this phone, worry not. This phone is unlocked to begin with. I have proof as I am using it here in the Philippines with no problems. All you need to do i...

  • Panzer

it seems that this phone is not Verizon or US exclusive...vodafone in Germany offers it too

  • Panzer

now it has my interest. I hope they release it outside of the US market.

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